Electricity Credit Refund

Hi all

I have a credit balance on my electricity account

If i switch to another electricity retailer will i get my credit balance refunded to me or will i lose it ?

Thank you

Edit : im with simply energy


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    Did you ask your elec provider?

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      No but i will

      I have been having issues with them every month since joining so im going to change

      Just wondering if anyone has been in same situation and what happened


    is it more than any exit fees?


    No it'll stay in credit until you call and request for a refund.
    I've seen loads of customers with credit balances that just stay there untouched. Even had one where there was a few grand and the they wouldn't answer our calls to let them know.

    Source: Work for a retailer


      So as long as a request my credit to he refunded after i switch they should do it


      Does it have to be refunded to the same card or can you refund to bank account? Don't have old card anymore


      Seems like theft to keep it. Why not return it? You're only going to transfer it back to the customer's method of payment anyway.


    No issue with AGL when I requested credit refunded to my bank account .
    Better refund the credit before switching


    Momentum energy wanted to return my credit back to the cards it came from when I tried it. Ended up riding it out with them for 18months until the credit wore down to nil rather than mess around with all the credits being returned.


    Would be interested to know how electricity credits are handled in case I have an overall credit on my account after a year of Solar FIT. Can I request a transfer into my bank account if I choose to?


    With Origin Energy you just log into your account and they have an online section to request a credit refund. Fill the amount out and click the button and it goes into your account. You don't have to speak to anyone or jump through any hoops. It couldn't be easier.


    I am in SA. I've done this with a few retailers. No problem at all.

    Origin : I think I received a cheque from them. It was years ago and sorry I cannot remember.

    Energy Australia : I requested to pay my gas bill with the credit in my electricity account.

    Amaysim : refunded to my bank account.

    Hope that helps.


    energy retailers are notoriously dodgy in this matter, most don't initiate the refund process unless you specifically chase them up and request it. Same goes to telco, I have credit when terminating my internet account with Telstra and they keep sending me monthly statement showing the credit and only stopped doing that until I rang up and request a refund a year later

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