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3gig USB Mobile Internet Vodafone $24.50 - Normally $50 @ Coles


I'm not sure if the deal is at all coles but seems like a reasonable deal. Includes USB modem.


offer available at participating Coles Supermarkets from 04/07/2011 and 03/08/2011.

Unlocking fee applies.
Starter credit expires after 30 days unless you recharge in that time. You will not be able to recharge if the
new recharge amount would, if applied, result in your data balance exceeding 39GB. Pricing subject to
change. Included data for use in Australia on Vodafone’s network. Broadband speeds are available in
Vodafone’s 3G Mobile Broadband Standard Coverage area. See for details.
Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554.

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  • Sorry, page 29 in the catalogue.

  • It looks like all mobile boardband is 50%. Telstra/Vodafone at Aust post 50% too.

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    Before buying, I sugg. you ask & find answers to this Q:

    . Does Voda'a network still suck?

  • Does anyone know the model?

  • Can I use this as a recharge? If so would it still expire in 30 days if I added it to my 12gig which has a 12 month expire?

  • Thanks for this - I picked up a $10 telstra sim - will let me trial telstra for cheap :) thanks!

  • fyi vodafone are upgrading network to 850mhz so im not sure if this modem supports it or not? still its cheaper to buy this modem then a 3gb recharge voucher. anyone know how much virgin modems are at coles?

  • Hey I got one of these.

    If you get the Huawei K3765 version, it is a rebadged Huawei 1762 and it has voice natively enabled. That means you can stick a sim card from a phone deal in it and use it to make calls plus the internet on your PC. Pretty nifty.
    You can both unlock and replace the cruddy Voda dashboard with a generic Huawei one.
    Must be the Huawei k3765 though (watch out for the ZTE version, you don't want that one)

    • Looks like the ZTE version (which may be limited to 3.6Mbps, rather than 7.2Mbps).
      Even if it is K3765, while it is quite good in terms of hardware, the firmware/software seems to be Vodafone customised one. I have problems getting it to work on Windows 7 64-bit OS. I ended up just use the SIM on another device.

      Neither modem supports 850Mhz.

  • By the way the Vodafone network isn't THAT bad, I bought one of these half price last year in Perth, and it worked pretty well even in a pretty isolated area, I was getting 80 - 200kB/s download speeds