Hairline Crack in Tiling Job

I am nearing the end of my… Hopefully last reno for a while. After clearing up the bathroom prior to move in, I noticed a hairline crack in the tiling around the bath. PC items and tiling were done by a plumber and tiler team, final payment has not been made yet.

After some advice prior to speaking with tiler… Yes it's small but …

Is this

  • Unavoidable, shit happens
  • Tiler should remove and redo broken tile
  • Likely won't be an ongoing issue but compo substracted from final
  • Other



    Hairline crack under the tub means the mortar/cement isn't applied correctly when tiling.

    There's an airpocket under the tile.


      It's coming from the angle cut, usually the weakest part of the tile.

      They tiled into Besser blocks or other big white bricks


        My mistake, I didn't see the picture.

        I automatically envisaged a cast iron bath on 4 feet and cracks radiating from the point of loading… because I had that problem.


      Nothing to do with air pockets, wall tiles only need 60% coverage by Australian standards, so there's always usually air pockets behind tiles. Most likely broke when installing but has become more visible since dirt has got into the crack.

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    You should have the offending tile replaced. In this watery environment you are asking for trouble.

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    I don't understand your hesitation is asking the tiler to correct the problem


      Just wanted to know what other people thought for if he decided to push back saying it's unavoidable. I last reno had a similar crack above the door , same cut.

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    I had my fair share of this when I tiled out four rooms in my own house. While it's difficult, it's definitely avoidable, and that's coming from someone who had never tiled before. Someone who does this for a living should be held to a higher standard

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    I'm a tiler by trade so I can tell you with confidence that the tiler needs to replace that. Most likely it cracked when the tiler was pressing it in when laying it and hoped you wouldn't notice until he'd been paid. Get him out , he'll fix it up.

    Also , I can't tell from the picture but please tell me that is silicone he has used both above and below the bath because it looks almost like it's grouted in from here.. if it is, that will crack for sure as soon as you fill the bath up a few times..


      It's grout, my last tiler did that too "\

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        Needs scraping out and replacing with silicone, a bath against tiles moves all the time, be lucky if the grout survives the bath's first fill.

        Also all the internal wall corners need to be silicone and where the wall tiles meet the floor also.

        Looks like shoddy work to me.

        Even the trim that's been used looks like dull aluminium, the sort you would use outside or for a floor tile door entry, not bright silver which is usually used in bathrooms. (which is twice the price - probably explains why hasn't used it).


    And this is why I wanted to know how his should be handled;

    There's a crack in a tile around the bath (sends picture)

    It wasn't there when we finished the job

    Well the bath hadn't been used before it was noticed

    It must have been caused by the hi who did your window

    I guess finds will have to be retained =\

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