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Samsung RU7100 55" $712 | Samsung RU7100 43" $516 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Appliance Central eBay


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  • Avoid, lightning is edge, or also known, frame lighting. Light comes just from around the frame, beaming towards the centre of the screen. Due to this you'll get washed out colours, difficult to adjust image, pronounced reds, greens, blues and yellows looking florescent if you try to make the image to look digital. Every different content you watch will look different from each other and it might make you readjust that "perfect" image that you already set to re do it again and make it look like on the previous footage. Awful viewing angles etc. All in all don't buy it, unless it's for a shop display or something. It's a scamming gimmick product, needs 80% less LEDs then backlit and costs same as fully backlit TV, used to when I got mine couple years ago, returned it straight away, rubbish. Never buy a edge lit, frame lit, side lit TV. Only backlit.

  • Thank you OP, pulled the plug last deal. But missus is fussy about sound and wants Dolby Atmos, you guys have any recommendation ?

    • Expired now but Thought this 65” was a top deal for the specs & price but didn’t get much reaction on here, not sure what others with Dolby but I’m sure others will answer it

      • I was watching that deal you posted. Thank you.
        I even managed to get in store at a Bing Lee(Gosford) and see the Hisense 65r7 about6 feet from this Pana TV
        Both were as good as each other but the program on display was Days Of Our LIves with very slow zoomed in pics of the face. Nothing fast paced..unfortunately.
        On paper, the Hisense has 200mhz but thats for fill-in/calcualted frames I believe and the Pana is 100mhz.
        ..and yes, I was waiting for comments on your post as I'm no expert in this field and geeze, not much action at all ! lol

        • lol no action, thought it would be compared to more towards samsung ru800 & hisense r8, we will never know, because nobody showed interest lol

  • Believe this is expired.

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