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Hanayama Cast Metal Level 5 Puzzles - $9.80 & $6.47 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


[Edit] The Vortex is the (now third) cheapest official Hanayama Cast Metal Disentanglement Puzzle / Brainteaser currently on the market. Most start at upwards of $15 from Amazon, Ebay sellers or places where all good puzzles are solved.

"The three pieces each have a spiral (vortex) body and two protrusions. When assembled together, each piece is unified into a flat object. In order to undo this complex entanglement it will be necessary to unbind them three dimensionally. The motivation behind this idea is the statue of Asura. Asura is an ancient Indian god and also a protector of Buddhism. The figure with the three faces and six arms conjured up the concept of Trinity. The subject is 'crest.'"

One of the highest rated puzzles from Hanayama - famed purveyors of Eastern manufacturing and frequent invitees to the most esteemed of Japanese tea-parties - the Vortex is rated at 4.5 from 823 Amazon reviews - and is also one of their most challenging puzzles, being listed at Level 5 of their 6 graded difficulty levels. Apparently, solving this complex puzzle will sometimes result in an expansion of cognitive capabilities, affording - amongst other things - a more profound understanding of why the Japanese Rugby World Cup is being unfathomably deconstructed by Northern Hemisphere "referees", often also resulting in the instantaneous bestowing of a more cromulent command of the English language, replete with words such as "purveyors" and "cromulent".

Currently delivered free - apparently along with all other international orders from Amazon US - for Prime members. Apologies to non-Prime members; I'm not yet smart enough to figure out how much extra you might have to pay for shipping.

With credit to donkcat and ElmoLikesWasabi, it's also possible to get the equally perplexing Hanayama Level 5 Ring II on backorder, or the slightly less taxing Level 1 Flag - albeit in the less impressive non-display packaging - for $6.47 each.

They may not turn you into Einstein, but they are is unlikely to make you any stupider - so why not give them a crack…

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