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Hanayama Level 4 Cast Puzzle, Cylinder $9.50 + $8.32 Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Decent price drop on this item.

Hanayama's Cylinder brainteaser gives you no clues to the solution - and that's part of the fun
After you separate the cast metal cylinder into its components, can you put it back together again?
This 4.72" x 2.99" x 1.88" cast metal puzzle designed by Vesa Timonen is considered difficulty level 4 (challenging)
Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing

Free international delivery for prime members until midnight tonight 21/7/19

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • These are great! Nice find

  • Whats the regular price on these?

  • Was looking for something like this! thank you op

  • Thx op, got 2.

  • I had cancelled my Amazon Prime, but at $6.99 pm, no brainer to sign up again for this deal. Thanks OP!

  • Great birthday gift idea! thank you OP

  • Great find and just in time for me to still use free delivery. Thanks

  • thanks op. Remember solving easier puzzles when I was younger, keen to give it a try again!

  • Got one this morning. Still has free delivery for prime.

  • fyi to anyone else, their difficulty scale is 1 (easy) - 6 (hard) this puzzle is a 4

  • This arrived. It's a nice sturdy little unit, feels good to operate.

    Still haven't figured out how to do it, but the movements along the way are pretty cool. My 9 yo got it apart while I wasn't looking and now I've got to figure out how to get it back together.

    Grab one, you won't regret it.

  • looked this post up to thank the OP and berate them.. you have created a monster.

    I got it apart in ten minutes but it took a few hours to get back together. And even though I have now done it many times, I don't understand it as fully as I would like so I still keep working on it until I know it inside out…

    … And also I bought a bunch more.

    Like I said, you created a monster.

    Thank you!

    P.S. It seems to still be available for this price on Amazon AU. Cheers

    • Let us know if there were any good prices in the extra 'bunch' you bought.

      I too have been looking at other hanayama puzzles. Nice solid chunks of brain metal.

      • I just decided I'm happy to pay 15 or so for them .. no bargain here :( Pretty happy to support the small businesses doing this stuff though. I guess one puzzle every so often is ok by me.

        If I find any bargains I will certainly send them along.

    • Might still be available but almost double the price now - $15.16

      • oh no! It must have changed fairly recently… I swear it was still cheap yesterday though I must be mistaken. Apologies for that.

    • 10 minutes?!
      I'm struggling. I've done two other Hanayama level 4s easily, but can't crack this. I also have a level 6 that I'm scared to even attempt at this point.

      Edit: I had another go and got it :)

    • Glad you like it. They're just so addictive but you're going to want more!

      If you're keen on puzzles, may I interest you in
      They're not cheap but very well worth it. They're pretty hard to get hold of as keeps selling out very quick. A few are out of stock now, but they replenish fairly often. I got two a few weeks ago and probably the best puzzles I've played with.