Tshirt with a good design - which brand?

Hi everyone :)

i'm looking for a tshirt with a good design like that :

but i can't find. Everytime, it's a plain tshirts or simple pattern tshirts :(

can you advise me a good brand where i can find this kind of tshirt please ?

thank you :)


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    1. We seem to have different ideas about a "good design"

    2. 78 Euros for a t-shirt???? Holy balls.

    • That t shirt costs more than my brown 'leather' shoes…

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    T-Shirt, not Tshirt !

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    Go to kmart. You can purchase a shirt like that for $10-15. I don't understand what you mean by good design, that shirt just has 3 words on the chest.

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    Very subjective in design

  • The Assembly Label

    • that looks good but t shirt are very too loose

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    best T-shirts are the free ones with the ozbargain logo

  • Ali Express, they have some great ones (srsly)

    • Complete with Chinglish phrases like: "Had a wonderful life tomorrow!"
      "Pleaseb to miss you!" (That 'b' was on purpose)
      "Sometimes i'ts hard, but you try and size the past!"

  • for the more niche designs check out uncle reco

  • thank you a lot for your help :)

  • Big fan of https://everpress.com/

    Lots of really good designs. Prices are roughly $45 per shirt delivered to Aus, slightly less if ordering multiple.

  • It seems like you do not know the meaning of the phrase 'good design'. Anyway, finding good tees is not an easy task, and you won't magically find a bunch of good stuff from one brand, it takes a lot of work and time because there hundreds of thousands of different designs from thousands of brands and websites. There's a whole industry built around custom tees on Amazon alone.

    • when i say "design", it's to talk about every design, picture, word … but something very simple. That could be only the brand or a little picture … I don't like something with pop culture references.
      Thank you for your help :)

  • Ben sherman tshirts are pretty nice and comfortable….

    • you are right, thank you ;)

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    If you like the Kooples, you would probably like Kenzo's male t-shirts.

    The Garmentory curate indie designers from around the world and have a huge range of mens t-shirts that seem relevant, it does depend on your budget though?
    I have assembled a collection for you on Pinterest :)