expired 50% Closing down Sale Henry & June Lingerie USA


WE (Husband & I) have been buying from Henry & June lingerie in USA for some years (Santa Cruz, California). Always have been good pricing and reasonable delivery (as long as you do not select Express, just standard airmail). They send 10% and 20% vouchers via email, or free delivery coupons for Australia. But are now closing down.

Same deal for regulars and one off customers. Most stock has already gone, but still some bargains to be had.

From their email to us:

50% Off!
Everything must go!

The time has come and the big blowout is on to clearance our entire stock of merchandise. Go to www.henryandjune.com now to grab the best deal on the Internet!
H&J is closing its doors soon. We will miss you…
Same day shipping still applies. All sales are final.


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    op have u got any voucher : free delivery / discount that you can share with us?



      Sorry, I thought I covered that. They do normally send discount vouchers that last for a month, for 10 or 20% off, or free international delivery (but no other discount).

      As they now have 50% off storewide, they do not allow any other discounts.

      Even so, I still think there are bargains to be had as their international shipping is cheaper than most USA retailers. They normally arrive within 2 weeks of being posted also.

      An example of delivery is my order this morning was for about $60 US, with delivery at about $16 US.

      So, as I repeat. No other vouchers work as they now have 50% off everything.


      I don't understand why people will neg me, when this is a legit question.
      In case anyone who neg me don't understand what voucher I was talking about, you can actually enter voucher/promo code when you order, which I haven't been able to find.


    Good first post OP!


    OP, useless without pics.



    ummmm, what IF? something goes wrong, you dont get your order etc. if they are closing down, who is accountable… just a thought.

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