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33% of 1GB Flexishare Travel SIM Starter Kits from USD $6.67 (~AU $9.89) Delivered @ CallCloud


Hi Ozbargainers,

This week we are offering 30% Off our 1GB Flexishare X Starter Kits

Flexiroam X provides a re-usable, flexible & affordable international roaming coverage to over 580 networks in over 160 countries via the Flexiroam X App.

Flexiroam X comes in 3 versions:

X Microchip a 0.03mm 'SIM sticker' that affixes to you existing SIM allowing you to switch back and forth between you home SIM and Flexiroam

X eSIM (compatible with the iPhone XR, XS/XS+ and iPhone 11, 11 Pro/Max range). Yes, the Flexiroam eSIM works in ALL countries listed in our coverage

X SIM Card A reusable Travel SIM Card that fits all devices (Normal, Micro & Nano SIMs).

If you need extra data you are able to access 1,000's of great value Local Data Plans
These plans can be used for short stopovers or extended around the world journeys.

Some examples of the plans that are available with this deal:

Data Plan Valid From Value To Price
Global 900MB NOW 23/04/2020 USD$10.01
UAE 900MB 30D 15/11/2019 15/12/2019 USD$10.01
NZ 900MB 24D 8/12/2019 1/01/2020 USD$6.67
SINGAPORE 900MB 24D 8/12/2019 1/01/2020 USD$6.67
HONG KONG 900MB 24D 8/12/2019 1/01/2020 USD$6.67
CHINA 900MB 24D 8/12/2019 1/01/2020 USD$6.67
USA 900MB 24D 8/12/2019 1/01/2020 USD$6.67
NZ 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
JAPAN 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
HONG KONG 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
SINGAPORE 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
TAIWAN 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
INDONESIA 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
THAILAND 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
INDIA 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
FRANCE 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
ITALY 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
SPAIN 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
UK 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
USA 900MB 24D 21/12/2019 14/01/2020 USD$6.67
JAPAN 900MB 24D 26/12/2019 19/01/2020 USD$6.67
USA 900MB 24D 26/12/2019 19/01/2020 USD$6.67
USA 900MB 24D 31/12/2019 24/01/2020 USD$6.67
JAPAN 900MB 24D 15/01/2020 8/02/2020 USD$6.67
JAPAN 900MB 24D 31/01/2020 24/02/2020 UUSD$6.67
CHINA 900MB 24D 8/02/2020 7/03/2020 USD$6.67
JAPAN 900MB 24D 1/02/2020 25/02/2020 USD$6.67
JAPAN 900MB 24D 15/02/2020 10/03/2020 USD$6.67
USA 900MB 24D 1/03/2020 25/03/2020 USD$6.67
CANADA 900MB 24D 1/04/2020 25/04/2020 USD$6.67

All Orders will be shipped from Melbourne via Australia Post.
We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3 PM AEDT.
Free Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days (with tracking)
Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (available at check out)

You can check out securely with: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Apple Pay
Pricing is in USD

As always if you have any Questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or message us on Facebook

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Thanks again for your support OzBargainers! :)


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  • +2 votes

    SCAM! Do not get the eSIM. i asked in the comments last time Callcloud put a deal up and they said the eSIM would work with the Pixel 3 - However could not set it up in Australia. I also tried to set it up in South America (which is what i bought the eSIM for) - doesn't work either.

    after so many months i have given up. didn't get a refund either

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Hi Munnie,

      Apologies for the confusion, the Flexiroam eSIM doesn't work with Australia Pixel 3's for some strange reason.: https://esim.flexiroam.com/

      If you would like a replacement (microchip, SIM Card) or a refund just reach out to us with your order details and we will process it for you.



      • +1 vote

        Oh James, I did. I asked for a replacement and it was a no because your company asked me to pay for shipping from America which costs more than what I paid in total. If I wasn't mislead in the first place I could have gotten a free SIM shipped. I don't understand why it's so hard.

        Then about the refund - that's possibly the worst customer service I have ever received. I requested for it and literally after two months, I got nothing.

        I've been asked to download VPN etc etc etc. Ridiculous. If I could get a replacement or a refund then I wouldn't have wasted two months of my life


          Hi Munnie,

          To clarify, we aren't Flexiroam. We are the Australian distributor. One of the key advantages of buying from us is we offer free shipping Australia wide.

          We aren't the first line of customer support, but can help out when required.

          Obviously I can't comment on the specifics of your interaction with Flexiroam, however if you did purchase an eSIM from us that you can't use and do want a replacement SIM Card or Microchip or refund you will need to contact us.




            @CallCloud: Thanks for the reply, i can see that i have paid via paypal so i will send a dispute for refund. Note that it did take me 2 months and a lot of wasted time trying to get it to work. All because you told me https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/458248 that it will work so there is no way that i can recommend your company in the future.


              @Munnie: Hi Munnie,

              I appreciate your frustration, I took your question to mean does the Flexiroam eSIM work in:

              South America (Chile/Bolivia/Peru/Brazil/Argentina)

              A great question because according to Apple carriers only support eSIM in ~45 countries: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209096

              According to apple don't have eSIM carrier support in Bolivia, Peru & Taiwan.

              Flexiroam eSIM does support these countries.

              The issue here is that for some strange reason, the Flexiroam eSIM doesn't support Australian Pixel 3's. I can't fathom why only Aussie Pixel's 3's don't work, but they don't and Flexiroam and CallCloud have updated our documentation to reflect this.

              We are happy to process your refund, without you having to go through the PayPal process, just let us know your order details.




                @CallCloud: So you ignored my first sentence of I have a pixel 3 and proceeded to tell me that it'll work in all the countries I was going to?

                I will reiterate that you said all those countries listed were covered and now you're telling me Bolivia, Peru and Taiwan are not covered? I did check the website when I bought my email and it seems like a lot has changed.

                In any case, I have already started the PayPal process. Please log in and refund me my money.


                  @Munnie: Hi Munnie,

                  To confirm, the Flexiroam eSIM does work in all countries that Flexiroam provide coverage, including Bolivia, Peru & Taiwan.

                  I have processed your refund via PayPal. Please check your account and let me know if there any issues.




    Do you have any Canada plans that start in November of this year?


    Thought I'd give my 2c worth for those who are sceptical to try this (the eSIM version).
    I purchased an eSIM through call cloud on a previous deal (which had a full refund) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/476364
    Had a few msgs back/fro with the op, as things got a bit tricky.. I even threw a spanner in the works and moved from an iPhone XR > iPhone 11 Pro.
    I was recently in the Philippines and used the 100Mb included data, without an issue!
    I then moved onto Hong Kong (which I'm in now) and purchased a 3Gb local data plan (before I left for around $7US), this has been working amazingly! I'm the type to go get a local SIM, twiddle around etc, but then don't have access to my usual Aus SIM (I like to have roaming on usually… like some bank apps etc send OPT codes which gets annoying moving SIMs around).
    The Flexiroam app is quite easy to use, you can purchase more data, check your balance etc… doesn't drain my battery…. pretty good deal! I'm super happy with it!

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