Dick Smith eBay Account Fake Refund email?

Need some advice:

  • Purchased an item from Dick Smith official eBay account on 30/9/19
  • Received email from seller saying that they have no more stock and will refund and give $10 credit to use on Kogan website (Kogan owns Dick Smith)in addition as compensation
  • Email received from "[email protected]" saying that I have received funds for the purchase price, and makes reference to a 'History' subtab to claim funds. I have looked and there is no such 'History' tab. No funds were received in my account.
  • When I press reply email, the email address is "[email protected]" instead of "[email protected]".
  • When I go to eBay to make a claim that item hasn't been received, it reads "Unfortunately, we can't open a case for you because it looks like there's a payment issue with this order. Please contact PayPal customer support to cancel the payment."
  • I made payment using eBay gift card, therefore it isn't showing as an activity transaction.

I have emailed Dick Smith customer help to find out what's going on, but all of this looks very dodgy especially the replying to email. Has anyone experienced such a thing?

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  • Why would you receive a refund to your Paypal if you paid with eBay giftcards?

    Sounds more like they used a generic email which is usually correct when people pay through Paypal, but was not actually applicable in your case.

    • I'm only telling the sequence of events in which it happened and the email that was received from "[email protected]"

  • Did you check if your eBay account has the credit from the gift cards now?

    • Yes, checked ebay account for gift card, doesn't seem to be any additional funds.

  • Take a screenshot and blank out your personal details

    From memory, paypal will always say "Dear Orly"(i.e. your name) if it is real.

      • -2

        Looks like a phishing email - if you clicked any links from that email, you should change your password. You might want to change your password regardless for peace of mind.

        • What is curious is the correct amount for the refund and that when I click reply, the email sender is [email protected]. So it appears to be from an employee at Dick Smith?

          • @orly: It's Paypal's default. The email address they've used is Dick Smith's Paypal email address (likely), or their reply-to email address

        • If it was a phishing email there would be a fake link to click but there's not. Looks legit to me, but to be 100% sure would look at the email headers.

      • It's fake. The real one says

        "You've Received New Funds!

        Dear <Retracted> ,

        This email confirms that you have received a payment for $135.00 AUD from <Retracted>

        Or https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/63458/73392/screen_sho...

        • *<Redacted>

        • Nope, I've received one identical to OP's and it was legitimate.

  • Ebay normally refund payments to the method that was used for the original payment

    • Yeah, I don't believe it has been refunded to the gift card as usually if I add an item to the cart, and proceed to checkout, there will be a code that would show a balance if it has been refunded.

  • At the bottom of my recent email about refund;

    How do I know this is not a fake email?

    Emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last name. Fake or "phishing" emails tend to have generic greetings such as "Dear PayPal member".

    If you're unsure, forward the suspicious email to [email protected] and we'll let you know if it's really coming from us.

    Find out more about fake and phishing email

    Also, refund email from paypal is usually titled "You've received a refund from XXX" or "Refund from XXX".

  • Can confirm, your email is identical to a refund email I received in August for a refund.

    Don't stress, it's legit.

    • Thanks!

      • Word for word (besides the obvious) - identical

        • Did you use a gift card for payment by chance?

          • @orly: No, mine was for a payment to Wine Stash

  • Senders can specify a "Reply To" address on an email, which determines where the email is addressed if the recipient hits "Reply".

    Assuming it is legit, Paypal may have opted to do so and specified [email protected] as the reply address, given that any issues you have with the payment would need to be (at least initially) directed to Dick Smith and not Paypal.

    Assuming all the links and addresses in the email are legit, I'd say the email is legit; at worst a scammer who is very bad at their job.

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