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TP Link Archer AX6000 802.11ax WiFi, 8x Gigabit LAN Router $338.30 + $15 Shipping ($0 with Plus) @ Wireless 1 eBay


Been looking for a new router with the new Wi-Fi standard and came across this. Not the cheapest ever but it seems to be a better value proposition than Netgear or Asus counterparts.

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  • Edit: No longer needed.

    • I think it is free if you have eBay Plus. When I checked out, there was no free postage option.

  • Bought this the other day, nice router.

    • I'd beg to differ. This is not a good router at all. The QoS only allows you to set QoS against 'applications' or specific devices on the network but no actual bandwidth control whatsoever. No ability to connect to a VPN through router settings, just create your own personal VPN. Personally feel this router is extremely overrated and overpriced for the minimal features it provides.

  • ALWAYS THE DAMN CASE WITH ME… bought last week for $30 more, arrived yesterday.
    Btw AC wifi range/speed ain't great compared to a R7000 nighthawk + Merlin… I used to get about 50mb/s using windows file copy now I get ~34mb/s. about 10m away through a couple walls both in AP mode.

    As a router it's also seriously lacking features, but I've moved them to pfSense so no biggy for me, just wanted AX(wifi6) for my Killer 1650.

    • So AC is bad on it but AX is good? What speeds are you getting for AX?

      • I wouldn't say AC (wifi 5) is bad, it's just not as good as Merlin, but I think that boosts Tx power.
        W/ my AW area 51m about 6m away windows file copy maxed out at ~110Mb/s… this was copying ISO images from my NAS (hard wired), the average is much lower though.
        Take that result w/ a big grain of salt, bcos I haven't done any proper speed tests, hell I'm still trying to shift my IoT wifi devices on to the AX6000.

        My AX6000 is upside down (using the screw clips on the underside of the AX) in an ikea cupboard on the 2nd floor, my 51m in another room 2nd floor.

        • Hmm so confused. Think I will stay away from bleeding edge and just get AW mesh like google wifi/nest.

          • @fredblogs: I've got an even worse story for you about the 2x Asus Blue Caves AiMesh for you… although their wifi performance was the best so far, when they worked.

            • @raybies: Mesh is bad or Asus Mesh is bad?

              • @fredblogs: 1 Node was factory resetting itself every couple days, but being a node it made it hard to diagnose as it just looked like the Aimesh was breaking. Even when it worked I wasn't impressed with mesh, hence the AX6000.
                Google Mesh is old tech, and the new Nest Wifi doesn't add much.

                I've only had 2 days w/ the AX6000 but it covers my 600sqm property, just not w/ the best speed and I haven't tweaked its location or any of its 8 dipole antennas.

                If I need higher speeds in the living room I'll add another Access Point there.

  • Routers these days are just stupidly priced…

    Few years ago 200$ was top of line consumer gear. Now, there are 400-500-600$ routers…

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