Never Buy from Banggood Because They Never Send The Product Even if You Buy Insurance for The Delivery

Hi All,

I bought a Redmi 7 phone from Banggood in August and I still haven't received it.

I bought insurance for the shipping and complaint but all they say is we will look at it. Just look.

Thankfully, I paid using paypal and I hope I could get my money back.

I would like to ask if you have the same issue with Banggood?

If yes, please stop posting Banggood deals please.

Update: Product arrives after 10 weeks.

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    You paid for extra insurance?

    Paypal was your insurance.


    Are you offering a reward or incentive? I can be bought.

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    I have received parcels from Banggood, so I think its incorrect to say "they never send the product"

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    Bought from them plenty of times and never had any issues. I usually pay a little extra for the "AU Direct Mail" shipping and it usually comes in 1-2 weeks.

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    All my parcels have arrived from Banggood. I always pay extra for the shipping and they arrive the next week. You must have just gotten unlucky

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    I bought my Xiaomi Mi A1 from them. Never again. They marked the item as shipped when in fact they didn't for an entire month. Was a nightmare.

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    Same boat as you right now, I ordered a T12 soldering station over a month ago (10/9) and last shipping update is from China (16/9) and no updates since. Funnily enough i ordered a clamp meter from Aliexpress few days later and it entered the country through Melbourne customs then was shipped to Sydney. First time i have ever seen a package customs cleared in another state. So maybe there is an issue with customs here in Sydney.
    Also i have ordered 20+ packages from Banggood never had an issue in the past, maybe the Hong Kong protest are slowing things down?

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      it's likely stuck in the Golden Week backlog.
      China Shut down across the first week of October (does so every year).
      Being 2.5 months from Christmas, this happens to be the start of the one of the busiest times of year for China's ports.
      EVERYTHING gets delayed, especially the stuff that is being shipped at virtually no cost.

      For my job I move thousands of containers and millions of dollars worth of stuff out of China annually and my containers were all delayed by at least a week.

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    i have spent thousands at BG, was the highest tier VIP. However the deals have gotten worse, and i got burned with a fake tracking number. Didn't lose out as they were just stalling me, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    scam no, misleading yes.


    I buy regularly from Banggood (basically the only place to get lots of electronics cheap).

    Only had an issue with my new drone, an order over $500 with 11 different parts. I received about half of my items and interestingly 3/4 of the motors I needed.
    Their support is a bit slow but eventually they told me that I didn't receive things because they were out of stock. Got the parts eventually.

    Long story short; you'll get it. If you don't, you'll get a refund.


    Used to shop with BG. BUT no more now ( shifty business ).
    I prefer ( they are more reliable and provide good price ).


    I've bought a lot from BG and everything's arrived

    I do pay for the extra shipping to get the items in ~10 days instead of 45. Chances are you didn't and it got lost in the post (which happens a lot with the free/cheap 45day shipping option)

    I would just keep pressing them for a refund, especially if you paid for the insurance, before doing a PP/CC claim

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    I find that if you choose the free or the cheapest delivery option, delivery will take really long time.
    It can be up to 2 months in my worst case scenario.

    So maybe your order is still on the way.
    Did they give you the tracking number?