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[PS4, XB1, Prime] Ghost Recon Breakpoint $43 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Game seems to be getting middling reviews but if you're a fan of the franchise this is the cheapest place to get it. Not sure why this is eligible from Prime Savings as I thought the game had already been released. Price is $48 for non-prime members.

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    Angry Joe's review of this game, oh gawd.

    • -2

      I know, right. He's so fkn annoying.

      • +2

        He's right though. This game is a microtransaction simulator more than anything. Looks boring imo.

        • -4

          First of all, he's a comedian playing a character. I don't listen to legitimate reviewers, let alone fake ones. Anyone who does, well that's on you.

          Second, have you actually played the game? I'm around 60hrs in, and I haven't bought one thing from the store with real money. Everything that is available in the store is available in the game itself from looting, or you can buy them with Skell Credits, also available from looting crates or bodies. It's almost embarrassing how many credits they give you.

          • -1

            @krushgroove: I agree, krush. I’m about the same time into this game and have so much stuff to unlock and so much unlocked already. So much loot and so many places to loot. And enough in game currency to buy anything. It’s not like it’s 8 hours grinding for 1/4 the credits you need to buy something.

          • +2

            @krushgroove: He's not the only one. Watch this for example:

            Its monetised left right and centre. Its a joke especially for a game at that price. And there seems to be a lot of glitches.

            Should really be free to play :P But I guess some people might dig it haha.

          • -1

            @krushgroove: Same. It’s a good game. I don’t get all the hate.

            • +2

              @cnut: Jumps in helicopter, pilot is sitting outside of helicopter. "This game is quality, I don't get why so many reviewers and players say its buggy and worse"

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            @krushgroove: It's a great game, people like bandwagon and therefore miss out because of their own stupidity. Update 1.02 just came out which made the game even better for amateur rookie whinge-bums.

          • +1

            @krushgroove: Angry Joe is a comedian? I thought comedians were meant to be funny?

            • +2

              @aja12: Haven't heard that one before. You should be a comedian!

          • +4

            @krushgroove: well you are deadset wrong about everything thats in the store is available can be earned through looting. AOR 1, DCU, Crye 3 shirt….all locked behind a paywall. Multicam is only available from the Raid island which hasn't even released yet. All of these were available from the start in Wildlands. thats a absolute shithouse business practice.

            You can't even put a ACOG on a US assault rifle but can put it on a AK-47, explain that to me.

  • +5

    Its complete trash, and nowhere near what the series used to be, don't support this microtransaction filled mess of a game.

    But the deal price is good though

    • +2

      RIP advanced warfighter

      • That franchise will return. Probably after the open world splinter cell

  • -3

    Love this game. Don’t know what the (fropanity) people are whining about in reviews. I have lost respect for a lot of reviewers because they seem to be all on the hate bandwagon. One of them described this game as “Ubisoft’s Anthem”. It’s easier to hate on a game so people read your reviews. But (fropanity) me, this game is not Ubisoft’s “Anthem”, ffs. Drama much. Guess you gotta get them click throughs…

    And micro transactions? It’s like most modern games. You just ignore that shit. I have not found anything in game that is tied to micro transactions that is game breaking. It’s all tied to cosmetic shit. Best part is that it’s all tucked away at the end of the menu. And it isn’t pushed in your face like EA games. But I guess, if you really have to have that tartan red face paint, you’re gonna have to cough up…

    But outside that, holy shit there is so much to do in this game. And I thought Wildlands was a huge map. Sure, it has some hilarious glitchy moments, but come on, the game has only been out a short time. Load times are pretty good. Fast travel works well and the AI is still as OP/dumb as shit, but it certainly isn’t as bad as most dumbarse games reviewers are making it out to be.

    • +1

      I agree that it is fun. Is it worth $40, I don't think so. It's like a poor mans Wildlands. I wouldn't call them hilarious either, I have encountered too many bugs that made me hate the game. I was up to the last 2 guys of a 100+ person base, then my gun dissapeared from the UI, I had no sight to look down, I couldn't aim. Then the next mission was in the snow, of which I got stuck underneath the ground, my mate tried to help me then he got stuck, we had to reboot the game.

      The fact they didn't even include AI in single player is beyond me. The AI are so dumb, even more stupid than wildlands. The RPG mechanics ruined the game, there is no "i own and love this gun", it's now "oh here is a gun that has higher level so I will swap it". It's all about inventory management now, and if I wanted that I would play Division.

      Anyway, IMO they ruined a good thing, and made an evil love child of division and wildlands for the worse. It's still fun, and I will still play it, but I still 100% agree with the reviews.

    • +1

      One of them described this game as “Ubisoft’s Anthem

      I think this could mean multiple things, but im thinking it might be both games having similar indecision on game direction. Breakpoint was kinda presented more as a 'Survivalist' type game when announced, and then all of a sudden made an online service looter shooter. It just shows that the games genre was not set in stone until somewhat recently, giving it an Anthem vibe in the end-product.

      And micro transactions? It’s like most modern games. You just ignore that shit

      We really shouldn't be complacent with this crap.

      AI is still as OP/dumb as shit, but it certainly isn’t as bad as most dumbarse games reviewers are making it out to be.

      You basically state "AI dumb as shit", but then hedge your statement and say "but it certainly isn’t as bad as most dumbarse games reviewers are making it out to be.".
      Make up your mind.

      Really though, if you enjoy the game, that is all the validation you need.

  • +3

    +1 I really like this game

  • +11

    Was more trash than Wildlands. Returned to ebgames. Full of boring dialogue and boring gameplay. Down vote me fanboys.

    • -1

      Breakpoint is WAY better than what Woodlands was like at launch.

      • +1

        Ahh woodlands. That lovely lovely autocorrect

        • What about splinter cell pansies box

      • I actually had fun with Wildlands despite the bad vehicle controls and boring repetitive missions. BreakPoint on the other hand, the beta was more than enough to turn me off and seems like a downgrade to what Wildlands was in terms of story. Plus the micros in the game doesnt help at all since it sets a bad precedent on single player games. Sure u may earn enough in-game credits to buy everything easily but that doesn't excuse the developer/publisher from adding monetisation for each pixel in the game. Also the AI is dumber than the one used in Wildlands and I'm not sure how they managed to pull that off.

    • +2

      Yeah whats bad is developers pumping out this broken garbage so fast with no care and then the 5% that buy it from launch and defend it blindly as fanboys

      • +1

        Nothing to do with developers, Ubisoft just wanted the game out. There are so many bugs I don't think it was even tested.

  • It's also $48 at Hardly Normal.

  • game is terrible. who would of through ozbargain had so many gamers with poor taste.

    I'll get it at $20