Android Auto on Honda Civic Vti-L 2012 Hatchback

Hi there,

I was thinking of getting an Android Auto for my Honda Civic Vti-L 2012 Hatchback.

Did think of getting a tablet to emulate Android Auto but charging, mounting seemed a lot more work.

Any one out there already done this or have good ideas?



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    Getting an aftermarket head unit is probably safer/better than hooking up a tablet. If you can put it in yourself then you can save on installation costs.

    Check Aerpro for what cables/fascia kits you need.

    Units can vary massively in cost depending on other features you want (DAB, capacitive touch screens, DVD player etc).

    Repco/SCA/Autobarn sometimes have big sales (~30%) so you can do your research and wait for one of those sales to make your purchase.

    I'm personally waiting for a sale on the Kenwood DDX9019DABS to be on sale to get it for my car.


      this was super helpful. I now understand the whole concept of fascia kit to look for.

      Super Thanks!

      This link lists a few parts, not sure if I need all the parts. Any ideas?

      Thanks again


        Any ideas?

        Afraid not. I've been following head unit deals for a bit and just know Aerpro to be an often shared website for parts if people wanted to DIY.

        I prefer the peace of mind of everything being done properly so will be getting it done professionally so I don't know enough about what harnesses or cables to get. I just know I need to keep the functions on my steering wheel and reverse camera etc.


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    Cheap Tablets don't hold up well in hot cars

    Source - I tried with a Cheapo Lenovo 8" Tab3 in my Mazda. Fine in winter, overheated in summer.

    Here's a deal that might be relevant:

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