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Viofo A129 Duo IR Dual Dash Cam $183.20, Viofo A119 V3 Quad HD $119.20 @ + Del ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


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VIOFO A119 V3 QUAD HD (new version) @ $119.20

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  • Excellent price on the A119 V3. Very happy with mine.

    Highly recommended using the Viofo HK3 hard wire kit with either of these to get the most out of parking mode and save your car battery from going flat with the switchable voltage cutoff options.

    • Are these safe to use with i-stop type batteries?

      • No different to running in a car without stop/start.

      • your car will cut off battery/electricity supply 10-30mins after engine is off anyway.

        • A situation like that would only happen if you tapped a battery power circuit that is controlled by the body module (i.e. interior light circuit that cuts after a period of time if a door is left open/ajar).

          If a HK3 kit is fitted, you'll be tapping an "always on" battery circuit.

  • QuadHD can only be recorded in 30fps, so it will still top out 1080p/60 if you want higher framerate. Also, remember HD is 720p, so QHD is just 2560x1440p @ 30fps.

  • Budget for a $100 micro SD card and it has to be high end due to number of overwrite cycles.

  • Any deals or recommendation for hardwire kits?

  • I was watching dash cam comparison and this V3 is a beast.
    The video quality is insane by its price. The white balance is crazy.
    Even at night the plates were much more visible than V2
    It has the quality as another dash cam which I don't remember the brand but cost you twice as much.
    Great post op.

    • I had the 119 V2 and these are fantastic units, highly recommended and the v3 does sound even better..

      I'm however considering upgrading to the new V129 4K front came and 1080p rear camera but I need to do some more research to see how much better it actually is as I did find at times the 1080P was lacking a little resolution reading number plates from time to time and hoping the new 4K might give it the edge to read them a little better..

      • I am kinda stuck about this coz I wanna one that covers front and back, but at the same time I want one that covers inside so there is no bullsh*t of cop telling me that I was using mobile. I don't know if you saw but the mobile cameras in NSW are targeting people eating or even drinking hahaha

  • What's the best way to hard wire these and what voltage is the lowest you should go to insure car will start?

  • In there a version of the v3 QuadHD that comes with a rear camera as well? Or do you have to settle for either a 1080p A129 or 2 x A119 v3 QuadHD's.

    • The latter. I had 2 119v2’s (front and rear) and recently updated to 2 x 119v3’s and love the result but ultimately I’d like 129 4k’s front and rear, which is fine because I’ll just use the 2 rear 1080 cams as additional side cams

      • Wow. That would be half the cost of my car :). 10 year old Lancer here.

      • LOL where do you mount these "side" cams?

        On the windows and then never open the windows?

        • Sounds funny yes but I have a wagon so the current A119 cams are inside the fixed rear side windows. They work very well.