TechFast DOA PC - Please Help Me!

Hi Guys

basically got the pc from tech fast few days ago.. but doesn't seem to output a signal.

ive got a i3 9100f which doesn't have integrate graphics.

basically - unplugging the cpu gives light to my mouse showing its connected and having power delivery… moment the gpu is plugged in - nothing happens.

ive been trying to use it via HDMI but no luck and don't have any other spare inputs laying around…

ive tried I think nearly everything from cables, turning it on and off again, removing dust, checking other cables and what not…

this does have the generic PSU so it may be that but im unsure…

any help with a keen eye would be greatly appreciated

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    I’m gonna suggest something from left field, so bare with me, but maybe try contacting Techfast….


    Why's the GPU power cable disconnected?


      was testing it out in that instance with it connected and not…..

      seems like when it is connected the mouse lights up and has input,… but moment the rx580 gpu is plugged in there's no light from my mouse (no power delivery im assuming).


    Sure it’s not your monitor?


    going to submit an email to tech fast…. seems like something is definitely dead because now the case fans seem to be turning on and off intermittently… cheers :)


    Can you borrow a GPU from some to try it out? (Or just buy a cheapy locally? Never hurts to have cheap parts on hand for testing things.)


    when you reseated the vid card you didnt crack the pci lane?


      no! had another friend of mine who brought some parts and it definitely seems something must have been hit on shipping.. we used extra parts and what not.

      it was shipped via Star Track who are notorious for throwing things (this is the first "fragile" thing ive ordered in a while) in my suburb (to achieve their quick delivery times or whatever), so it could have been that but again unsure.

      definitely nothing broken - I did purchase the generic 500w allied PSU so it could be that.

      all fans are running - lights seem to turn on so im thinking it was something damaged in shipping / PSU issues.

      planning on building my own PC I guess if this was the case…


    Keen to hear on any update on this OP. I've just ordered from them and wanting to know how they handle their support etc. just in case.

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