Best bang for buck HDMI Cables?

I used to grab a HDMI cable every now and then from here when deals popped up, but I haven't noticed any for a while and I've got some signal issues I want to troubleshoot.

Is there a standard go-to place to buy value for money HDMI cables these days at everyday prices?


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    Amazon Basics


    I bought a pack of 3 from this deal for $7.18 delivered.


      Aw that would have been great to grab. But still even at full price it seems much better than the brick and mortar options


    I buy the cheapest cables I can find on eBay or Amazon.

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    Amazon Basics or Monoprice. I do have a "Premium" Belkin cable as well, but only because my Apple TV 4K was being overly picky and I couldn't be bothered wasting more time and money on cheaper cables for it.

    Want a long version:
    It was once true that all HDMI cables were born equal, and when comparing a generic HDMI 1.4 cable to another HDMI 1.4 cable, that is true. However there are different HDMI standards out there, all of which have their own bandwidth requirements. eg. a 4K, 60hz, Dolby Vision signal has a higher bandwidth cost than a 1080p image. Getting the cheapest cable you can find is no longer a viable option.


    I bought few from Selby recently. very happy with the purchase. fair price and great quality

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      +1 for Selby - I've bought quite a few things from them and have nothing but great things to say.

      I've also heard good things about CableChick, but they're more for the premium/niche products that are harder to find.


    I've got quite a few new ones (still sealed in plastic) of various lengths between ~1m-~4m. Make me an offer. I'd like to clean the shelves a bit.

    I'm in Erskineville not far from Newtown / Redfern.

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