Bunnings DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Price Error Audit

I’m sure most will agree this deal will likely go down as one of the best ever on OzBargain, especially if you were one of the lucky ones to receive confirmation of the drone. Incredibly I was and am grateful to both BA and especially so Bunnings for honouring something they were in no way obliged to.

Starting this thread to get an idea of just how much it’s cost Bunnings. I’m sure it will run into the millions as some have suggested. Simply pick an option in the poll and feel free to chime in with comments. Thanks!

Poll Options

  • 1
    Received a $50 gift card.
  • 440
    Received a $250 gift card.
  • 8
    Received a refund only.
  • 42
    Received confirmation I’ll get the drone.
  • 20
    Received no comms yet from Bunnings.

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  • You might have to Add an option for nothing yet lol

  • +1 vote

    This is a really good idea I would love to see the results.

    • Spread the word via your pinned comment in the main post. Your tag stands out as a rep and we’ll get more people here voting :)

    • Bunnings will just send thru a claim to the supplier. "Margin on your product is much less than your competitor. Pay us if you want to be ranged in our store."

      Typical Wesfarmers practice to screw the supplier when they f**ked up.

  • True, one of the best deals ever. Most didn’t even thought of any compensation after price error was confirmed, let alone fulfilled orders to some and whooping $250 ecard to others. Putting 2 votes in as I got a refund and a drone.
    Edited - can’t put 2 votes, so went with the drone.

  • Ordered at 804am. Got 250 gc no drone.

    Wish i got the drone :)

    • Saw it at about 7am. Had a big night and couldn't be bothered chatting on the phone. Damn do I regret it!

  • was it posted 730 aedt? too early for qlders :D

    • exactly, i waked up at 6h and surfed ozbargain at 6h45 when i left home to my work :(, wish the deal was posted on AEDT :(

  • Ordered at 7:34am and got the drone. Beyond happy.

  • This was an insane deal. I would never have owned a drone like this. Not in my wildest dreams. Thank you BA and Bunnings.

  • Got the gift card. That is some exceptionally good PR there

  • I saw the deal and thought "well, there is no way it will be honored so don't waste your time". I am hating myself for not jumping on it now.

  • Happy to have received a $250 voucher!

  • This is the first price error I've ever bought/taken advantage of.

    Didn't even expect anything and put it on the credit card

    Ended up being very impressed by Bunnings reply of $250 gc.

    Thanks a lot BA! Gonna start hopping on every price error I find from now on.

  • Ordered at 8:04 in Sydney and received $250. Really happy with that 😁.
    Any idea if the gift card need to be printed or showing it from a phone is fine?

  • Should be an option for those that have paid but not received confirmation of the gc or drone from Bunnings yet.
    Then once they get the outcome they can come back and change their vote..?

  • Curious how many Drones they send out.

    I think I probably missed out by a few mins. But $250 gc was still very sweet, cant really ask for more.

    • It would be around 500 Drones as per Rep

      • So the loss in revenue on 500 drones is roughly $850,000 (not sure what their cost price is to work out actual loss) plus a potential 49,500 e-gift cards at $250 each is an additional $12,375,000, so $13 million all up…?!

        $13 million would be unlucky for some, but probably less than a day’s profit for Bunnings.

        • I don't believe 49k gift cards will be distributed. The click throughs don't correlate to orders.

        • You also have to remember they probably make 60%+ profit margins, so a $250 gift card is really just around $100 in costs. Plus you factor in the the % of people who don't use the gift card or are only able to use some of the amount, it's not as bad as it looks.

  • Wont let me vote on two of them as I got $250 gc email and $50 gift card in store for the inconvenience

  • if they would refund everyone with $250, their coffers would be emptier with some $12m.

  • Keanu Reeves - Whoa

    Edit: NSFW nipple in last few seconds.

  • who do i call to get a refund / gift card?

    I never received an order number and my CC was charged (still showing pending)

    EDIT: just checked my email, got the $250 ! woohoo

  • Shattered i missed this deal, amazing

  • I got the $250. Glad in a way as I had no use for a drone and was impulse buying because it was such a good deal!

  • That's excellent customer service.

  • Didn't have the money and I thought they would probably refund or cancel the order. I was wrong

  • Certainly grumpy I missed it. Perth time had no chance. But I've grabbed some good price errors this year so oh well

  • i got my $250.. and im from Perth.. ordered @ 4.30am perth time.. amd no Drone, so I dont think WA has the allocation for the drone… and I believe no one in WA got it

  • $250 voucher here in Perth @ roughly about 5am local time.

  • I ordered 1 for delivery and 1 for store pick up.
    Got the drone AND $250

  • I ordered one at 7:37 aedt and haven't received any correspondence. I hardly slept a wink last night lol.

  • I knew by my judgement of the variety of past pricing errors on OzBargain I might as well take a stab at this one. Was glad it paid off.

  • I like the idea of this poll but unfortunately most visitors of this site won't have an account so won't be able to vote.

  • I see that people who ordered 7.35am and earlier got the drone.

    • Not everyone though - apparently approx roughly first 82 from each state were awarded a drone - see first comment of original post-


      EmployeeDealinator 13 hours 5 min ago
      "As the person who investigated how this happened, it was a miss type by a intern….. Although I can confirm from my Boss that 82 units (roughly per state) where given out and the rest cancelled. Also stores where order to have a printed apology explaining the situation as we received nearly 50k orders."

      • i dont think 82 unit for every state.. as Im ordering very early in WA 4.20am … and still didnt get it.. i think 82 units from all state total.. not everystate… just saying…

  • Have any orders past 7:40 got the drone? I made one delivery and one pickup order a couple minutes past that "cutoff" and only received one cancellation (the delivery order) I have confirmation on the pick up, nothing else.

  • Din't bother to order cause din't need it. do i have voting option TA?

  • I ordered at 7:20am Sydney time.

    Paid with cc since PayPal wasn't going through.

    I got an error message from the Bunnings website but the transaction was showing from my bank.

    Didn't receive any email confirmation of the order.

    I got the $250 gift card but wish I got the drone.

    Well done all.

  • I saw this deal but had no idea that it was a good deal, wish I had ordered now to get a free 250 gc for bunnings.

  • I'm glad I got the $250 GC, but man I wish I had the drone.
    They seem like fun little toys…
    I couldn't justify paying 2 grand for one.
    $300 was the perfect price

  • I never had plan to buy drone in my life, just went with this deal for fun. Ended up having $250 GC. Thanks to OP and Bunnings.

  • There are going to be lots of Drones in the air in a few weeks. Casa will make small profit soon too with new rego laws.
    Kudos to Bunnings. Who would've thought it would pan out like it has!

    • Registration hasn't been implemented yet right? Casa's website seems a bit ambiguous.

      • From what I understand registration is likely to be implemented as soon as they decide on the pricing, which is likely to be around $20 or less annually per drone for recreational use, and probs $100-$150 annually for commercial use.

        You'll also need to get flying Accreditation which I think is free and lasts for 3 years.

        • I don't mind getting the accreditation though that's via myCASA(beta) at the moment? I tried using the chatbot and it's basically spitting out the same info I can find on the page.

        • The website says it will be free for recreational use, and you'll need to watch an online videos and do an online quiz. If you plan on a commercial license, you need to pay a training provider and do a course in person.

          I'm no fan of a nanny state (trust me), but I believe this is probably not a bad thing. Some people who fly them are just utter dick-heads. We had one who thought it was a good idea to zoom back and forth above a kids playground last weekend….

  • Best publicity for Bunnings behalf, from now on everyone keep their eye on in Bunnings online.

  • Got the $250 so grateful! I didn’t even need a drone but would be sick having one, good for bringing overseas and taking some nice videos 🤤

  • +3 votes

    Agree this will be one of the best deals/price errors ever posted - so sad I missed it.

    For those interested in OB history My post from 4+ years ago would be up there too and was for $300 free cash from iSelect to those that were eligible. (I think I got a medal from Scotty.)
    Proudest Ozbargain moment giving back and makes up for all the negs I ever got -I think I calculated some $12,000 received by the Ozbargain community by counting the confirmation replies, but I'm sure there were lots more cashed up Ozbarginers from the deal.

  • Got the GC. Would have preferred the drone, but still more than pleased. Usually companies offer nothing or $10-20 credit. $250 is amazing.

  • Got the $250 GC. I really can't believe it, had to double take when I saw the amount. I jumped on the wagon thinking if they ran out of stock quite quickly there might be a chance of a $10 gift card or something. But as the hour went on and thousands of people had clicked the link I fully expected that we would all just get a refund and an apology email.

    I hope the media get hold of this story, if I recall those cheap Apple airpods from the ebay lottery got some coverage so this deserves to.

    Also hope that those impatient ones that went into store and got a $50 GC don't get any further credit

  • Now, all the people who got 250 gift cards will be a loyal customers to bunnings

    • I don't think many people have a choice but to be loyal? Bunnings have the market and don't really have any competition since Masters went under. Mitre 10 doesn't rate near me as they only have a tiny corner store with effectively no stock and what they do have is overpriced compared to Bunnings. They could have given me nothing but a refund and I'd still be going to Bunnings.

  • The amazing thing is that going off this ozbargain poll that approx 10% of ozbargainers got a drone and pretty much the rest got a $250 voucher. Unreal bunnings!

  • 6:38am QLD time/7:38am AEDT and got my drone :D

  • Do i have to spend all 250$ at once?

  • Still waiting for decision from Bunnings for my online order (Store pick up)…Hopes are high based on Bunnings generosity. !! Anyone else yet t get revert from Bunnings??

  • That is very generous of Bunnings unlike JB and HN.

  • anybody in WA get the drone?… curious..

  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? Morally wrong or quite ok?

    • I think it's ok. Someone posted earlier that they live in a unit and have no need to buy anything from Bunnings.

    • It's fine. Still same result for Bunnings, the person may justify spending more as they got $30 off in the first place.

    • I wonder, how do people go about these classified sales/purchases here without a risk? Is it just a trade between people who know each other or there are tried and tested ways of doing such business?

      • Same way business is done on gumtree. Always a risk.

        You can meet in person for minimal risk.
        People with older, and active accounts would have less risk as well, I'd think.

        You can have agreements like send half $$, post, then send the balance $ to share the risk.

    • Fine IMO. Maybe user was only interested in the drone.