Changing Electricity and Gas Plan

Hi everyone, i need some help and advise about changing my origin plan to other company because it charged me a lot of money after 12 months discount. I got some discription from them said:
-Peak usage first 10.9 kwh per day it costs me 40,2380 cents which included gst
- Remaining usage 42,944 cents per kwh & 90,80 cents for supply charge per day for electricity.

For gas plan; 4,969 cents for first 49,31 Per MJ - 2,1 cents for remaining usage & 76,69 cents for supply charge per day ( all inc GST)

I am actually newbie for this and got some advise from my co-workers said it is quite high. Could you guys give me some advise and any good offer from other company please. I am living in sa adelaide. Thank you.


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    42,944 cents per kwh

    42944c per kWh? Do you mean $429.44c per kWh or 0.42944c per kWh?

    I think the first thing you need to do is convert your numbers into numbers that can be understood by you and others. This will make it easier to make an objective comparison.

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    Try a comparison site like Compare the market to get an idea of offers in your area.

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    Your profile does not state what state you are in.
    Be wary of comparison sites, they tend to only show you the offers from the companies they deal with (or who pay them the biggest commission)

    In Vic you can use the site below which is government run to get an idea of the best providers for you.
    you will need your old bills when you go to the site as it will give you the best idea as to what those bills would of cost/will cost with another provider.
    the site allows you to check both gas and electricity rates and also will show if a bundling discount is included.

    Also.. if you are in vic.. they government will give u a nice $50 bonus for using the site and comparing

    EDIT: i see from your comments on recent posts you are in Adelaide..Sadly no $50 bonus for you but this is the government site which gives an idea on where to start and what to ask for etc when comparing

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    I have plenty of experience to give you dealing with gas and electricity usage. Unfortunately what you sated about the cost of your usage is very confusing as above Xiongmao said. What not exhibit your bill here for better clarification. You may block your name of the bill if you so wish.


    One way to know if whatever you are paying for is overpriced or not, is by comparing to other companies in the market. So ask yourself, which companies also offer electricity and gas? Use energy made easy, or Start with the big companies like Agl, Origin (maybe another plan of theirs is better or they've updated), energy Australia etc. Googling will give you a list. Put your details in and compare rates and benefits. Easy.

    If you learn how to be resourceful, you'll be able to find a better deal in the future. You can easily get 35.x cents if you follow the above (or even lower depending on what you need ie. FIT) . I did.


    What state are you in?

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    Use then ring your existing provider for a better deal if you can't be bother switching.


    I've made a spreadsheet comparing all the plans in SA. @Ongong00, if you PM me I'll flick it through to you


      Do you mind doing this every year or every 6 months and sharing it on Ozbargain forums?


    sign up to 9saver, see there current origin deal. Normally best electricity rate but gas rate is always meh

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    try to compare electricity offers