Cheapest Way to Post to Canada from Sydney

So I have a 500gm parcel to Post to Victoria, Canada. I wonder if anyone has any recommendations on which postal service will work out best? It's $350 item.
Postal time isn't that big an issue.


  • Did the same about a month ago. 500g satchel - iPad mini. $120. Came in a week. Used pack and send.

  • Wow. That's super expensive

  • I was hoping $20 or less

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      Australia post will be about $19 + $7 for tracking. More for signature.

      • Thanks,
        I like your username and advice.

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      Hahahaha yeah, good luck. Australia Post once wanted $21 to send a 50g parcel the size of a Christmas card to England just because I put a LEGO minifigure in it … It already costs basically $10 to send a 500g parcel domestically.

  • Just be warned that the Canadian customs process is notoriously slow - it is not uncommon for a package to take 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

    • Details say you have to add a $13 'processing fee' to each skipper order sent (an order can contain up to 30 parcels), so $11.05 for 1 parcel becomes $24.05!
      They're only cheaper if you're sending loads of parcels at the same time.


    Note: if your parcel is very large sized for some reason, then a dimensional weight calculation might be used and the cost might be higher

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      Auspost international mail article shipping fees are calculated based on dead weight.

      • I thought they used weight or cubic size (whichever is greater).

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    any parcel anywhere in the world 12.95

    A parcel to anywhere.
    We know that small businesses sell way beyond their own backyard, so we have discounted our international rates. Send your parcels anywhere in the world for just $12.95. That's less than 10 US dollars!

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      "Minimum parcel orders 20/200/month
      Prices exclude GST"

  • Email is the obvious choice