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½ Price Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza Varieties $3.75 @ Coles


Freezers at the ready. ½ Price Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza starts Oct 23. Enjoy :)

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  • Which falvours are worth?

  • I remember being able to get a flavour called Tonno back in Singapore, has anyone seen it knocking about around here?

  • Where did he get his pizza doctorate?

  • Is this better than ready to eat $5 Domino's pizza ?

    • Domino's pizza is closer to actual pizza since its not frozen

      • Sorry but domino pizza got absolutely nothing to do with actual pizza … If you say so you never tried a good one

        • Never tried a good what?

          Dr Oetker and actual pizza have zero similar traits. The base is completely different, the sauces and textures are completely different, the ingredients are different (frozen vs fresh ingredients)

          Atleast with dominos, the ingredients (and sauces) are not frozen which is why its still more similar to actual pizza.

          • @exit: what does freezing have to do with anything? i've made my own pizzas and frozen them and they are just as good as when i make "fresh" pizza.

            fresh doesn't mean anything if you use crap ingredients, how do you think dominos sells them for so cheap?

          • @exit: A good pizza, what else? It's not hard to use the brain and guess the subject.

            Anyway, domino and true pizza have absolutely nothing in common except the name. I suggest you try a good woodfired one before saying so.

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              @ets27: What do you mean? I've tried multiple times:

              1. 5 star top rated Woodfired pizza
              2. Pizza in Italy
              3. 5 star top rated 'American' style pizza
              4. Domino's pizza

              Dr Oetker 'pizza' literally taste artificial af. I don't know wtf you are on about because clearly you have not compared the two side to side.

          • @exit: Not sure why you're getting down voted. Dr Oetker pizzas taste like literal cardboard. I have a memory of them being okay once but the last few times I got desperate for a meal and chose them I would have been better eating the cardboard box it came in.

    • $5 delivered? At any time?

  • Damn the freezer is still full of these from the last Woolies deal… have to eat a few for the next 3 days to restock

  • These pizzas work well as a base. I get the spinach, or fungi, ones and add mushrooms, Capsicum, blanched asparagus and brocollini, some chopped ham. Then cook as per normal. It makes a really tasty pizza and you get some fresh veggies as well.

  • I am a vegetarian and I find these better than Dominos! Especially the multi cheese variety. And for a change, I tried the coles frozen pizza and had to throw half of it. Was terrible.

  • stop teasing - give us some more of the catalogue!

  • These used to be the best frozen ones we could find. But I mean it's really repetitive, only the speciale and pepperoni are regularly available and OK, and they're more or less the same. Frankly getting bored.

    Are there any other frozen pizzas worth having?

    • I stopped buying the Dr Oetker Ristorante ones ever since I tried Aldi's "Casa Barelli" and "Specially selected" pizzas. They have three ranges really, their basic one thats kinda like your Mccain quality, then Casa Barelli which is the middle range and is imo much better than Ristarante, and their high end ones are specially selected. Casa Barelli are only $3.40 all the time, I hiiighly recommend their Tandoori chicken and Mozzarella pizzas. The specially selected range has a really delicious beetroot and goats cheese pizza that is my dad's favourite of -all- pizzas, including pizza restaurants. Those are about $5 or $6 each though. I would say Ristorante pizza's have a thinner crust which some people may prefer but the aldi ones are much more filling.

      Here's a pic of the Aldi mozzarella one that I cooked and a pic of the frozen version of the goats cheese and beetroot, never got a cooked one but hey it looks fancy even when frozen.


    • McCain's Rustica

  • if only the ebay coles deal was still active…. :(

  • made by the Canadians; everything pizza is averagely good when produced by the Americans and Canadians

  • Tried one of theae for the first time last night, pleasantly surprised. For a frozen pizza, it was rather nice. I tried the mozzarella one.
    Will definitely try the others now.

  • Never tried this brand of frozen pizza how is it compare to McCains or Domino's

  • I've always wondered what doctorate Herr Oetker holds

    Anyways, a pizza is probably the last thing you'd associate with a German doctor, the name more conjures images like mad scientists with highly controversial human experimentations

  • Not sure if all of them are disgusting, but I just had the Hawaiian and it was easily the worst pizza I've had, frozen or otherwise. The sauce tasted like what you get out of a baked beans can, not good on pizzas imo.

    I actually feel ripped off, lol.

    • Hawaiian pizzas are always an abomination. However, thanks for the heads up for people who might be tempted.