[NSW] Puma Suede Classic+ Cabernet White Colour $50 (Was $110) @ DFO Homebush


I saw some of the last pairs in the clearance section, there're size (EU) 40, 42.5, 44 and more which I remember. So just make sure to call the store and ask for the size that are available. The suede classic is known for true to size and pretty comfy, and I own a pair myself.

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    $39 in Costco. Navy color though.


    These are terrible. Your feet sweat in these and there is SFA venting. A poor choice (I bought a few pairs when they were on special).

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      That's a bit of a harsh criticism - they are what they are: suede casual trainers. I don't think they are any more hot than any other brand or style of shoe of this kind - DC, Vans, Adidas Gazelle…
      I actually find these cooler than my proper sports trainers and several pairs of supposedly cool / ventilated casual shoes I've owned. Incidentally, due to their fit I tend not to tie them up which perhaps makes them feel more comfortable to me and allows my feet to breathe.
      That's not to say these aren't beyond criticism though - I find soles seem to split quite quickly on my dominant foot. I also suspect there is inconsistant quality control as I've had pairs that feel completely different.

      Classic, simple look.
      Smarter than sports trainers.
      Suit fairly wide feet, (also usually minimal arch support - two factors that probably help to keep them cooler on my feet).

      Sole prone to wear and splitting.
      Not for sport.

      I've always liked these but I wouldn't pay much more than $50 for a pair anymore. They were definitely better quality in the old days.

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        Total agree with the pros. I think their design looks better than similar type of shoes from converse, vans, etc
        The only cons for me is the color bleeds a little bit into the formstrip, which can be prevented by the shoes spray.

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    "Puma Swede" means something entirely different to me.

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