Daughters Google Home Mini - Parental Restrictions

Hi all

Wondering if someone may be able to point me in the right direction. My daughter has purchased her own Google Home Mini recently so she can play music when she wants to and without interference from her younger brother. I want to look at adding parental restrictions to her Home Mini which I believe you can do. I just wanted to get some guidance from others who may have already done this.

I have a Home Mini in the lounge which is linked to my Google account and is what both kids have used to date. I am trying to understand whether I need to add my daughters mini into my account and then have two mini's in my "Home" so to speak and then use her own Google account to implement parental controls based on her voice.

Or is it possible to do it another way whereby she has her own "Home"as it were based on a Google account in her name and then implement parental controls.

Any pointers would be great.




    What are you trying to censor?


    Looks like theres some info online, my understanding is that you have two accounts, and you link them with the Family Link app, from there you can turn on and off third party apps, youtube restricted mode etc.



      Thanks. I can't tell whether I add her Mini into my Home account and then manage to speakers or whether you can do the same by creating a separate Home specifically for her account.

      Maybe for now I would just add it in to my Home and then manage two speakers from my main account.

      I can always remove it further down the track.


        I could be wrong but I assume they get added to both either way? As they're linked through the Family Link App, but just from reading this:

        Once you have the second device running the child account, you want to tap the icon at the top right and make sure you’ve selected their account.
        When you’re on the child page, tap the three dots at the top right and hit “Sign in to Google Home.”
        Walk through the setup. Here you can choose which devices will be able to recognize your child’s voice – and which won’t.
        Go through the voice set-up and you’re all set.

        It kind of sounds to me that you connect it with your childs account, still though its a bit iffy, personally I'd do what you said and add it to your own.

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    How old is she?


      age is irrelevant, however I think the father wants to censor his 32 year old live at home daughter from ever listening to let it go ever again, in the hopes it will get her to move out.

      I didn't neg you


      Relevant question, but she's evidently old enough to make her own purchases.


        Yeah I just didnt know if it was pocket money or not either

        I'd suggest that as long as it's setup with spotify then there's not much to worry about except too many swear words, which depends on her age as to whether she's already exposed to it.

        Does she have a mobile phone? Does it have her own Spotify account? Is that restricted? Things like that


    In my opinion - Add it to your Google Account (or create a new one) and advise her that you have the ability review her activity - then use the Google Home app to periodically review 'My Activity - Web and App' which keeps a log of all commands spoken to the Google Home devices.

    The best policy is to be transparent about it with her, and reminder her it is a privilege and not a right.

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