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5% off @ Hoselink


So my hose burst, because I am suburban trash.

It also didn't reach the 27m required for me to gurney my driveway.

I heard here that the only way to not be neighbourhood trash is to get a Hoselink. So that's what I did.

I purchased one 30m reel and two mounts and fittings (plus a douchey cover) so I can move it from front to back of house without having to buy a second unit that would just be radioactively nuked on the western side of my property if not in use.

These things are expensive so 5% is something. I saved $15 which is almost a decent 6 pack.

Previous deals show this code as inactive. Glad to report it works again

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    Great hose mate, have had the 30m reel for 5 yrs, no problems all, after having 3 Holmans in less than a year. The cover is a good idea, even if douchey, we just replaced our cover and the hose reel looked brand new underneath. Enjoy.


      Glad to hear it.
      Daughter had a free water park thanks to the busted hose today and despite the fun, it really wasted a (profanity) of water when I just wanted to clean the driveway.

      Here's to putting water where I actually want it from now on.

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    Also a free stubby holder with purchases over $20 apparently. Oh, the barginz!


      I regret to mention that I opted out of the stubby holder offer. Have plenty.

      My shame is apparent

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    Quality hose. Fittings are annoying
    5% is usual

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      The fittings are what make this brand so good. Once setup they never come apart, unlike normal pop-on type fittings, that always pop off!


        They don't come apart but the orings don't sit perfectly and will leak water out everywhere.

        When changing guns sometimes the ring will just pop out completely and you will get water spraying everywhere.

        Make sure you buy a bunch of spare orings as no doubt like me you will be constantly not able to find them when they jump out.

        Still worth it though as chasing orings is a lot less hassle than the entire connector popping off like other brands I used before.

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    We are about due for another decent deal on these for those that dont require one urgently.


      The site itself says they are 20% off without code

      I paid 290 for the 30m hose, an extra wall mount and adaptor plus the cover.

      Maybe they get cheaper but I'm rage killing my current hose next bin day


      I just missed out on the last 15% off deal, which you seemed to predict pretty accurately. What are your thoughts on timeframe for the next deal?

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    Had one of these years ago and foolishly left it with the ex when I made haste…should have gone back and snaffled it really as I've been battling with cheap hoses and rubbish fittings ever since. Can't quite bite the bullet with the price on a full retractable reel but a decent deal could easily sway me.


    Current price is
    239 for 30m
    199 for 20m

    And you take an extra 5% off with this code

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    In November last year, there was a black Friday special of $195 delivered for the 30m.

    Or something around the $229 mark with $80 (rrp) of accessories thrown in would be good.

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    if you wait a day after you sign up you get a $10 voucher to use for your first purchase over $50. I knew i needed a hose extension & additional wall bracket so i purchased the hose and & accessories a day apart.

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    Pretty sure many OZB members must have picked up a few spare reel sets a couple years ago when Masters went bust and these were sold under 100 bucks. Good times! 😊


    Can anyone advise if these would be any good for this scenario:

    When washing the car I use one hose which starts on the pressure washer, then I switch it to a multifunction hand piece. Is it possible to get attachments to connect it to the pressure washer and how much of a pain is it switching between attachments?

    We have super high mains pressure so constantly have connectors failing…


      Get a mains pressure limiter. No point fixing anything downstream if you've identified the source of the problem.

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    It is true.

    It's a Hoselink or it's a mullet/rat tail.

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    I am suburban trash.

    I think I understand this reference. Previous Hoselink barg?


      It's actually in the reels other than Hoselink posts.


      Yes apparently (according to OZB) if I don't have Hoselink my neighbours will think I am trash.

      I live in Noosa, QLD.. it check out 😂

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