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SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC $73.40 Delivered + More @ Amazon AU


Great price on this Micro SD again from Amazon :)

Ideal for premium Android-based smartphones and tablets
Transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s
Rated A1 for faster app performance3 and UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) and Speed Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback
Waterproof, temperature-proof, shock-proof, X-ray proof and magnet-proof
Transfers up to 1200 photos a minute
10-Year Limited Warranty

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Plus many more :)

As always, enjoy!

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    Great deals.
    Interesting combos.


    Not bhed, good syze.


    Got the 128gb sd card, great price.


    Looks like the 400gb micro sd card is OOS-now it's $-25 with a 3rd party seller. Any deals for 512gb micro sd card?

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      With Patron20 brings it down to 87.2

      But it's a lexar so YMMV

      I had 2 lexars fail on me, 1 samsung and none of my sandisk are dead yet.

      The lexars can't handle heat, so if you don't use it inside a dashcam I think you are fine. The sandisks I have been running in dashcams for the past 5 years without a sweat, eventually the amount of write/rewrites will kill it.


        Are lexars and Samsungs that bad compared to Sandisk? I didn't know that, I appreciate the info and link, thanks. I was going to put it in a phone or even a camera. Had no idea lexars overheated, I was considering buying one since they're usually cheaper than samaung equivalent cards.


        Sandisk ones seem to go forever had one in my old galaxy camera back in the day it still works today. Samsung ones still work really well, and I haven't really tried many Lexar micro sd card I have a regular side SD card though seem to be ok, and its been in a DSLR for years taking 1000s of photos and video.


    Missed it :(

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    For all the 4k60fps HDR footage I will be filming on holiday!!! OOHHHH YESSSS


      Not sure the ultra would be able to handle that? I only shoot stills really but have had issues with the ultra cards being too slow. The read speed is important not the transfer like they annoyingly advertise. Hope it works out fine for video!


        You are probably right, might be better getting the extreme. Although I just record to internal, then move to external at the end of the day.

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        According to the reviews, the card is able to achieve ~300Mbps (~37MBps) video write speed. So 4K@60fps should not be a problem at all!

        For comparison, camcorders and drones record 4K@30fps at 60Mbps to 100Mbps.


          Nice! The link says 37mbps though, but I noticed you put that in brackets. How does that work? I always thought 4k would be more demanding than a few burst rate stills but I guess not.

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            @Dan83: 1 Byte (B) = 8 bits (b).

            When comparing speeds, the capital letters really matter.

            When recording 4K videos, the bitrate is not always constant but on average, over the whole video, the bitrate is 100Mbps (12.5MBps) when shooting 4K@30fps HDR with a Mavic 2 Pro for example.

            Also, I might add that the write speed (how quickly can you write data on the card, when recording a video for example) is what matters, and not the read speed (how quickly can you read the data on the card, when transfering it onto a computer for example).


              @Pielo: Wow mind blown lol! I had no idea about the b or B meaning something different. Will have to look into it further. Yeah I meant to say exactly the same re write speed. Typing too fast on a phone and my buffer got full haha.


          How is this sandisk Card compare to Samsung evo plus card ?


    It’s shows $125


    This probably won't be good enough for phone photos loading etc right, I hate having lag when I scroll down the gallery.


      Is it placebo that I bought extreme and it's a bit faster to load my gallery? Heard A2 isn't any better than A1.

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    Back in stock


      bought one for my switch.


        Thinking about buying one for my hacked switch. I bought a 256GB card last week and it's already full. Not seeing many people buying used SD cards on ebay though.


    Anyone knows if this would be good to use as an "external" harddrive on an older MacBook to stream movies to the TV?

    I'm thinking of using it as my main Plex harddrive and streaming it to the Plex Apple TV app.


    Are these Australian stock , some reviews says they are fake card


      I believe the reviews about fake cards were purchased from 3 party sellers from amazon.

      Whereas this one is sold by Amazon Aus


    order one of 128gb


    This is good deal got it to use with my Nintendo Switch lite, 400gb will last for a while, don't believe the people that think its fake if you read the comments you will see that those people are a bit retarded, make sure you buy them from Amazon directly as the seller.