Car Trolley Jack 2000KG & Car Stands 3000KG - Both for $147.99 (was $281.48) @ Supercheap Auto


Combo Deal
SCA Hydraulic Double Pump Trolley Jack - 2000kg normally $199.99

SCA Car Stands - Pin, 3000kg Normally $81.49

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    Perfect timing for a wheel rotation! Thanks OP :)

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      Do you need to do wheel alignment after DIY rotation ?


        Yes you should usually. I'm squeezing the last few KMs out of my tyres before I need to get new ones and am also probably selling the car to a dealer soon so I'm not bothering with the alignment until either of those happen.

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        in general, wheels off and on again does not need an alignment as all you are doing is taking a wheel off and putting it back on. when you get an alignment all the adjustments are made to the suspension components.

        if performing a rotation of tyres (with the objective to extend life through even wear of the tread surface on each tyre) then it makes sense to have a wheel alignment done. a good way to check if you need an alignment is to just go for a drive and let go of the steering wheel on a nice flat road. see if the car pulls to one side.

        if it does and its rather distinct, its good to get an alignment. veering slightly left or right over the course of 100m or so usually isnt going to be removed by an alignment without fully adjustable suspension and isnt a worry.

        what I do:
        1. go for a drive and see if the car is driving straight or not (hands off wheel)
        2. rotate tyres - good time to check the tread of each tyre while its off the car too.
        3. go for another drive and see if the car is still driving straight, or what has changed (you may now be pulling the opposite way)
        4. tighten all the wheel nuts again now that things have settled
        5. get a wheel alignment.

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    Don't trust trolley Jack's to work under the car. A mate of mine was killed by his Jack failing when he was under.

    Please put stands under if you're going under

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      That's why the deal includes stands ;)

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        Oh man I didn't read the part about your buddy… My reply was super insensitive reading it again. Apologies for that :(


      Sorry to hear about your buddy. I've worked under my car many times and I always fear the jacks will give and fall on me.

      It's a really sad way to go and it can happen so fast.

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        at the very least, make sure you have the wheel under the body of the car, if you have absolutely no other option but to rely on the jack, have someone standing nearby that knows how to use the jack just in case.

        even when ive had my car on jack stands and I have been under the car, i leave the jack in position if I can and tell my partner to come and watch just in case something goes wrong.

        Jack stands fail too (just a lot less often)


          There was an article a while back how many thousands of Super Cheap Auto jacks / stands had been recalled due to not meeting safety standards. This was because there were about 19 deaths and injuries to limbs after being crushed by the weight of the car in a short period of time.


          The wheel is one I go for as a backup of sorts as well.

          Stands and/or ramps + trolley jack there as well + spare wheel or anything else I think could provide some potential protection

          Even then, can't wait to get out from under there quick enough!


      That sucks, sorry for your loss. Its always on my conscience when going under and it reiterates the importance of placing the car on jacks and giving the car a good shake before proceeding.


    lucky they're pin type stands. the other ones are extremely dangerous and shit.


      Any proof /evidence of this?


        umm. mighty car mods video had one of the rachet types and it collapsed on them. many other videos explain that they are shitty and dangerous compared to pin type.

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    This is not a good deal and the prices are inflated. I got the stands $37 some 7-8 months ago while they were 40% off the regular price.

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    I managed to secure the 3000kg monster (jack) for $184 incl a litre of hydo oil. It's crazy how easily it lifts the front end of my big car, like there's no weight on it. I got the 3k stands for $47 for the pair too. I always leave the jack in place when using the stands.

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