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Canon 200D Single Lens Kit (18-55mm) $579 (Was $879) + Delivery/Free Click&Collect @ JB Hi-Fi


First post here, not sure if I'm doing it right or not.
I found this deal on Jb-Hifi, was waiting for someone to post it but nobody did. Seems a great deal for such a great begineer's camera.

According to Jb's official catalogue, this deal will end on 30th October.
Delivery charges apply, but 1-hour click and collect option is free in selected stores.


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    Great price for great camera.


      I've got my eyes on a Sony Alpha 6000/6400 as I'm currently borrowing my friends Canon 650D every now and then.

      I mostly use it for taking photos at car meets with a want for learning to shoot videos too.

      Would you recommend this or am I better off saving for one of those two? (despite the fact that the Sony's cost almost twice).

      Thanks in advance :)


    Great price for a great camera. Only things to think about here are whether it has exposure bracketing (and if you need it) and if you will need more AF points. My old canon 600d has had 6 years of abuse - 10s of thousands of shutter releases, exposure to heat, rain, snow (not weather sealed) and has only recently started to play up. These are somewhat large compared to mirrorless of course but lenses are plentiful and cheap and the aps-c sensor makes low light work a lot easier than on micro 4/3.


      These are somewhat large compared to mirrorless of course

      As an owner of the 200D, I checked up on this when Canon released their new mirrorless Camera’s (EOS RP), the 200D being the smallest of the DSLR range is actually only slightly thicker in the body than the mirrorless, and actually weighs less.

      I am aware the EOS RP has a full-frame sensor, but I was interested in the more compact and light-weight option, and the EOS 200D is just that.


        Well yes it's a similar size to canons mirrorless offerings though the Sony a4000-6500 models are also aps-c and significantly more compact. 4/3 from Olympus and Fuji are also a lot more compact. I'm hoping for a refresh of the Sony a6000 for my next camera or that canon releases something mirrorless that can compete with Sony.


          or that canon releases something mirrorless that can compete with Sony.

          Yes Canon has the M6 / M50 / M5 (Mirrorless APS-C) which have lighter bodies, but they all use EF-M lenses.
          I also think brand-loyalty tends to be a bigger thing with cameras.

          I am pretty sure a lot of new models will come out more quickly than you think, since the market is dying quickly.
          Part of me thinks the model range is going to become flooded, but at the same time they might whittle the models down (scrap some models) and just bring out the best.
          I guess it depends on what the competitors decide to do as well.


            @margejsimpson: yep i've been holding off on the consumer level canon mirrorless offerings because they're nore expensive, larger and similar performance to the sony's. also I sturggled to find one that wasn't exhorbitantly priced with a viewfinder. the sony a6000 has the viewfinder and aps-c sensor and everything the canons have for less - having to rebuy lenses and the fact that those models are getting old and prices havn't dropped is holding me back though.

            I'm hoping new models come quickly to keep the segment alive - I don't want it to go back to being pro level only.

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              @Wilburre: Yeah I like my 200D, due to its size & weight, and it is probably the first (compact DSLR) & last of its kind with Canon’s conventional DSLR design which I can depend on for years to come.

              Just an amateur photographer here but I also like my products to last.
              Only owned one other DSLR camera and that was 10 years ago (some kind of budget EOS APS-C from the time) and was very happy until I sold it.


    Good price. FYI last year on Black Friday I got a 200D on Amazon for $520 (and Cashrewards meant a further discount on that). Black Friday is about a month away, if anyone wants to risk waiting :)

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    Just a note - there is a Mark II version of this (aka 250D) that is has Digic8 and is 4K capable; Mark II is worth about $850 AFAIK