Free Selected Side (4 Choices) with Main Item Purchase @ Nando's (PERi Perks Membership Required)


Here at Nando's, we believe Legends go their own way.
So here's 4 Legendary offers for you to choose from.

Cheesy Garlic Mini Pita
4x Churrasco BBQ Ribs
Sweet Potato Chips
Creamy Hummus & PERi-PERi Drizzle

AND, you can use a different offer EVERY DAY until
Sunday November 10th!

Full Ts&Cs: Receive a free portion of Churasco BBQ Ribs (x4 Ribs) with any main item purchase. Main items include any single item from the Flame Grilled PERi-PERi Chicken, To Share, Burgers, Wraps & Pitas, Specialties and Salads categories. Voucher must be scanned to redeem. Valid until November 10th 2019. Voucher can be used a maximum of once per day until November 10th. Not valid with any other offer unless specified by Nando’s Australia. Offer valid while stocks last. Offer valid at restaurants in Australia only. Offer cannot be substituted for any other item or cash. Offer not valid with catering or delivery orders. PERi-Perks points can be earned on all items within transaction, excluding complimentary or discounted item. Offer can be redeemed via barcode on Email or the Nando’s Australia App. Not available via online ordering. Barcode is for registered members use only and is not to be shared.

Edit: Extended until 24/11

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  • +2 votes

    This is not entirely free. You need to buy a main item.

  • +1 vote

    They've been trying to tempt me with all kinds of sides lately.
    Including seriously large chips, cheesy garlic pita, drinks etc.
    But the value isn't really there for me. I just went so I can get my birthday meal later.

    Edit: looked and I've got a reusable free regular side.

    Edit 2: just got an email about it.


    How to get membership?


    I wonder if this will work my other free side offer until Oct 27.


    Ribs are the top pick of the bunch surely?

    • +1 vote

      Yeah but you can click on all 4 and they will email you all 4 vouchers. And they all stacked last time this happened ;)


    Not sure what I need to do here? I should login via I join the peri perk only get free chips barcode which I already get from counter lady


    wondering can this be stack with the $10 Credit offer.

    • +1 vote

      It did last time I tried


        Do you have to add the freebies before scanning?

        Just trying to work out the process of ordering so I don't confuse the attendant.

        1. Order main meal worth $10+
        2. Add side X
        3. Add side Y
        4. Scan $10 voucher
        5. Scan free side X
        6. Scan free side Y

        Do you need to tell them you are scanning a barcode? Do you need to scan your member barcode?

        • +3 votes

          Order your main then tell them you have codes to scan. These codes will tell them which freebie it is. The $10 voucher can scan at the end.

          Member code doesn't need to be scanned as it should be attached to the freebie/voucher codes.

          • +3 votes

            @CVonC: No longer works. I missed the wtf deal but ordered $10 anyway. Scanned 1st 4 rib freebie, then tried extra cheesy garlic, the guy said it wouldn't take it only allowed 1. Then it wouldn't take my $10 off with the free side already there. Looks to be only one promo at a time :(

            Was looking forward to $1 for 1/4 chicken, 4 ribs X2, peri chips and cheesy garlic pita. Now I'm just sad and still hungry

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