Best Way to Offload Used Car at Highest Value

Model : 1999 Civic Hatch - Auto
Mileage : 290,000 Kms
Physical : Looks OK 10 meters away. (Shithouse upfront)
Mechanical : Small oil leak. No other problem. Starts/Drives absolutely fine.
Reason : Used as daily beater car. No longer required.
Rego : 12 months
RWC : No (Not bother to get one)

EDIT: Calm down Guys, I never expect 3k for this shit.
Just looking for alternative than scrapping a perfectly drive-able car that has less problem than most cars on the road.

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    Refund rego & Scrap for $200 ?
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    Refund rego & Sell to used dealer ? They take shitbox ?
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    Private sell without rego ? Tough sell.
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    Private sell with rego without RWC ? QLD illegal even with signed agreement ?


  • Send it to the auction. Cancel the rego and get a refund.

  • Advertise on Gumtree for $1000, put up with dozens of oil rig workers trying to buy it for $3k, finally have someone offer $500, have them turn up and say they only brought $300 with them would you take it? Take the $300.

  • Have someone crash into it. Other insurance company will offer $1900, even though you think it's worth $3,000

  • If you're planning to trade up, wait for a local dealer to offer minimum trade in value.
    Then do a "back door" trade in.

    • Minimum trades are just because they've jacked up the vehicle price to compensate. Please tell me you don't think they're really giving you $3k for a clunker

      • As I said. Back door trade.
        Walk in as you know nothing about the promo.
        Negotiate by knowing your prices / research from other dealers.
        Then after pricing is basically agreed to mention you have your trade in at the end.

        • Still doesn't work that way, dealers don't have a further $2,500 to play with. If they did, then you didn't negotiate properly ;)
          And they're covered by conditions which state you have to be upfront about it, or the salesperson will ask early on if you have a trade-in… are you just going to outright lie to them?

          • @spackbace: Conversation went like this..
            I haven't decided if I want to trade in my car yet.
            Let's talk without it.
            I'm not saying that it was good or not but I know someone happy who was happy with the $20k a Corolla AS metallic paint brand new.
            But eh. Your the salesman.

    • Then do a "back door" trade in.

      Remember to get consent first.

  • sh.thouse upfront

    Just buy a bottle of ArmourAll wipe over all the paint and it will look great for 48-72 hours

  • Getting a rwc will be expensive for that relic…

  • Rego is currently worth more than the car… so cash that out.

    Scrap metal dealer… or, part out when you can, then ring a scrap metal merchant…

  • Where abouts are you located?

  • Where is the option to get a roadworthy?

    Clean the engine bay with degreased and get a roadworthy. Then sell privately. Surely selling a registered car is worth more than scrap plus refund.

    How much does a roadworthy cost in qld? If it’s too many $ gamble to do officially can you get a mehanic or mate to give you a ‘pre inspection’ to see if it will pass and go from there.

  • Legal or illegal?

  • How is it registered without a roadworthy certificate? In NSW, before you can get your rego, you need the roadworthy certificate (pink slip), and compulsory third party insurance (green slip).

    Which state is the OP in?

    • Private sell with rego without RWC ? QLD illegal even with signed agreement ?

      • Yes illegal. If it doesn't have roadworthy you can't sell it as registered in QLD.
        Your best options would either be to sell as unreg or scrap it.

  • I'm in the same position, got a roadworthy check for my 99 civic and got a massive bill complaining about mounts and bushings. The engine itself is worth less than buying new mounts.

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