Finding a USB Type C Hub That'll Meet My Needs

I like to connect my laptop to my PC peripherals so I can work more comfortably from my laptop (basically connecting my keyboard, mouse, speakers and monitor) but it's annoying having to constantly pull cables out from my pc tower and plugging it into my laptop (also gets very messy having cables strewn across my desk).

My laptop has:
1x USB 3.0
2x USB Type C thunderbolt

My monitor is connected to my PC via display port and also has an HDMI port which I use to plug into my laptop.

Ideally I'd like a USB Type C dock/hub that can also function as a charging adapter for my laptop (not that big of a deal though as I have 2x USB type C but less cables is also nicer).

I'm thinking that I might need some sort of KVM switch as well? All this is quite overwhelming, especially since there's an expansive list of choices to choose from.

Thanks for any advice guys.