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Pandemic $48, Settlers of Catan $48, One Night Ultimate Werewolf $28 + $6.95 Shipping at Zing


Great price for Catan. Six more words makes ten.

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    "Six more words makes ten" had me wondering what game this was.

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    One Night Ultimate Werewolf is already cheaper than that on Amazon ($26.56 sold by Amazon AU, free shipping $39/Prime, don't forget cashback, yada yada)
    Actually so is Pandemic ($40.65)

    EB: The store that's always on sale yet rarely a bargain.


      There seems to be a fair few fakes on Amazon… I wanted a copy of Azul after playing it, then when reading reviews they were all about low quality and being fake copies

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        Usually I make sure that the seller is Amazon and not a third party. I’ve never had any issues with fake copies from Amazon as the seller.

        Also, if you bought from Amazon as the seller, I’m sure they’ll be good in terms of refunds.


        Azul is a decent game


        I've never had any problems on things sold by Amazon itself (AU or US) or third party sellers that I know of already (Mighty Ape, The Gamesmen, Gameology, etc.), and I haven't had any problems from getting stuff from other sellers because… I don't buy stuff from other sellers. As with many things online, reviews are your friend, and the place which only has 1 or 2 reviews is quite possibly not your friend.

        I'd also imagine Amazon customer service would help you out if it did happen… haven't been in this situation myself but they've always been happy to help when I've had other problems.


          yeah for sure Amazon would help you out, was just advising to others to keep an eye out when buying because some popular games have fake copies floating around :)


            @camshandez: Don't be so sure Amazon will help you out. Since introducing AU they can be a royal pain to deal with, and communicating with vendors is atrocious.

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      For those with Amazon Prime, Forbidden Island is quite cheap at $22.76.


    Also at EB Games, if they have stock.

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