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Ryobi 370W Belt and Disc Sander $128 @ Bunnings


Looks like this has been dropped from $169 to $128 in response the Aldi belt and disk sander which came out on Saturday at $129.
(price history credit to Price Hipster) I guess it might go back up on Wednesday?

Bunnings Blurb:
This sturdy bench-top Belt and Disc Sander is built to the exacting standards that you have come to expect from a Ryobi tool. It is the perfect tool for all of your residential sanding needs. It comes complete with 100 x 914mm sanding belt, 150mm sanding disc, mitre table, mitre fence, and operator's manual.

Powerful 370W motor operates at 2900 RPM
150mm sanding disc, 100 x 914mm sanding belt
Fully adjustable sanding belt (up to 90°)
Adjustable sanding disc table (up to 45°)
Cast iron base (with anti-vibration) can be bench mounted

Now how do I fit this in my garage????

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    MMMMM This is tempting.


    On the topic of Bunnings has anyone figured out if we need to drop the full $250 at once or do they give you the change in gift cards

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      Nope, I used mine this weekend. Spent $179.60 I got given $0.40 in coins and $70 worth of physical gift cards.

      Apparently it's how all Bunnings gift cards work? It's kind of good in a way because you're never left wondering how much is left on a gift card, it's either full or empty.


    Very handy tool to make a shape

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    last time i needed something like this i just turn my belt sander upside down and clamped it :)


    Whilst it's always best to make square-on cuts from the get go, sometimes it doesn't happen … more so than not when with Ozito tools lol.
    Would a sander like this be any good doing that sort of fine squaring up work in the situations where it really does need to be dead on?

    (The fence and platform on the disc part does seem a bit small for it …)


      I would never use a sander for squaring. Take it to your plunge saw and use the fence to square it. Hand saw is fine too if you have good technique


    What's the $250 about (I'm in the dark)? I assume it's not part of this published deal…

    (This was supposed to be a reply to the post by Putnum)