$10 off First Two Rides @ Ola


Used the code to get $20 off two ola rides, saw the ad on Instagram

Terms and Conditions:

Valid for new customers only.
$10 will be deducted from the value of the Ride Fare for the first two rides booked by you.
Manually enter WSW in the ‘Apply Coupon’ section to redeem this offer.
Offer is not valid with any offer or promotion.
Excludes tolls/third-party charges
Offer expires 30th June 2020

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Referrer gets $10 credit & referee receives $10 off their 1st trip.

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    As per the referral link, if your buddy gives you a referral code, you each get $10.

    After that, you often get 50% off all ola rides for the first 2 weeks

  • +2 votes

    People still use Ola?


      In Melbourne (where i live) i use Didi, in Sydney, no Didi so use Ola. Its cheaper then Uber.


        I used ola in Sydney a few times, but man they keep cancelling their rides and take ages. I just reverted to Uber for anything important.

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    I tried using Ola a few times last week and every time my ride was confirmed, the driver would cancel the pickup after 10 or so minutes.
    On my Ola account it says i have pending transactions from those trips. Hopefully it doesn't go through. (SYD CBD area)

    But i do like their app and how it easily allows you to select your pickup and drop off locations

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    Ola is pretty scummy. Last time when I took a trip with them, the driver deliberately took a longer route than necessary, but they wouldn’t refund me the difference. Never using them again.


      Once I had the same issue, the driver took a wrong exit and I was charged toll and extra KM, but Ola refunded me the money


      Same here couldn't be bothered chasing it up but won't use Ola again.


    better to use the referral links and help out OB friends, however my advice is avoid this company long term, worst customer service (in fact their app reporting system is tailored to tell you that you are wrong no matter what the issue is) I find their drivers are less accountable (somehow) and do whatever they can to extend the trip time and length .. also found their fare estimates off every time .. with other companies out there, seriously go with anyone else .. thats my recommendation

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    my experience with Ola is that it is a service that exists using the resources rejected from other ride service platforms


    I used Ola maybe 10 times in Sydney recently. Only issue was when I was waiting for a ride to the airport. The driver accepted the job, but then I could see him driving out of the city. Arrival time blew out to 10 minutes, then he cancelled the job. Thankfully another Ola driver 2 minutes away accepted the job.

  • -1 vote

    I just had a very good Ola service in Melbourne. Used the FLY code and it was half the price to go to airport than an Uber. Very quick. No issues. And they pay the drivers more. Those drivers are struggling because there are so many drivers on the roads now.


    I just recently tried Ola for the first time. It's real that the driver pretended to take the longer route (I watched his phone GPS and noticed it was rerouted twice) and went as far as driving to the wrong address and asked me get off. Speechless.

    The 10 minutes trip usually with Uber became 22 minutes with Ola.

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