Best Way to Keep Bedroom Cold in Summer

Can't sleep in the summer nights for the life of me, and now with the nights getting hotter here in Sydney been trying to get a solution to make my room a stable cold temp. Had the kambrook fan from Kogan but only really blew air around.

Anyone know any good recommendations for a top quality Aircon that'll actually do the job and not break in a year? I was looking at this but not sure about value

Around $400 is my max


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    The Kogan one will do the job and probably last a fair while, a friend of mine had one. They are very noisy though so keep that in mind if you are a light sleeper.

    Secondly, the problem with all portable aircons is they have an exhaust that you connect to the window that exhausts all the hot air they make. Sounds great, but for every litre of air you push out of the room, you suck a litre of fresh air in through vents, under door etc. This makes these units pretty inefficient overall, though I don't have any alternative suggestions


    I have this Kogan unit. It is definitely loud and blows nice cold air. I found with these portable units that they don't work like a proper aircon though and won't keep an enclosed room cold. They just seem to blow nice cold air with a lot of noise.

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    Special Buys tomorrow is a portable air cond. It will fit your budget at 399

    Just an FYI about portable air conds — in that they are not as efficient as split air systems as bgktmxg suggested. Technology Connections video explains why they are 15 min watch.


    you should also get something like this.

    I have a similar one and it has made a big difference.

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    Have a fight with your SO?

    Just kidding. Get an AC .

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    Sleep on the floor if you have tiles

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    I hear that getting married can make the bedroom rather cold.


    actually try turning the fan the other way around… instead of blowing air around or into the room…set the fan on a higher elevation and blow air out of the room. the bedroom air will be replaced with cooler air at a lower level whilst sucking warmer air out


      Won't work very well, you need to have the two areas seperated eg. put a bathroom extraction fan in the roof.


        depends on the room layout..

        I old apartment had a room with a north facing window. the living room was south facing. it was a long apartment,

        the living spaces were at least 10 degrees difference the fan moved the hot air from the bedroom out to the living and the cooler air came in…windows open in the living space to vent and windows in bedroom closed

        not going to work in all situations but we don't know what OP's apartment layout is like.. dare I say need a MS paint diagram

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    Too quality, portable and $400 don’t go together.

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    If you can make changes to the room i suggest installing a ceiling fan. Makes a huge diff for me in summer. On low speed it helps reduce the feeling of hot air pressing down all night.

    I believe they are very energy efficient too.

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    "Best Way to Keep Bedroom Cold in Summer" care to meat my wife?

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    2 pedestal fans = $30
    wet towel on back = free
    wife to place towel on your back = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    Open window?

    Obvious comment aside, invest in some good insulation if you haven't already.


    Save up and get an installed split system or if you’re renting move to a place with it already installed. Nothing matches proper air conditioning in a stinking summer.


    Take up ice sculpting

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    Might be possible to negotiate with your landlord to pay half of the price of a properly installed split system air conditioner?


    Can you fit a window mount unit?

    You'll get 1.6kw for ~$400


    Had the kambrook fan from Kogan but only really blew air around.

    So working as expected? That's what fans do - blow air around.


    I have the Kogan one, it's noisy AF!! It does decently cool though but i doubt i personally could ever sleep with it on.

    What i usually find works OK for me is a big floor fan, bigger blades the better so can have on low setting ( or similiar) pointing towards a wall so air bounces off that, you, and sort of general direction of doorway as well (after bouncing off the wall). So you feel some indirect air movement and the air in the room is moving, some of it out of the room.

    Oh, and i eat frozen grapes like a crack addict. They go good in a large glass of beer too to keep it super cold and cool you right down.