Huawei Honor Band 5 Global Version US $27.79 / AU $41.06 Delivered @ AliExpress


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This is the best deal I could find on the global version, shipping time might not be the best. If you want faster shipping and you don’t mind the China version considering you can update it via the app, get this one for 13-20 day shipping at a similar price. OOS

China version with faster shipping

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    How does this compare to mi bands?

    • +3 votes

      Very comparable in terms of features and functionality.

      Specifically compared to the Mi Band 4

      Upsides include the SpO2 or blood oxygen sensor, Sleep tracking: REM and breathing advantage. Brighter screen and more vivid colours. Better accuracy in general. More convenient to charge since you don't have to take it out of its band like the Mi Band 4 and quicker charging.

      Downsides: The battery life is lower by about half, on average users have reported one week for the Honor Band 5, whereas Mi Band 4 gets double that on average. Not as many watch faces as Mi Band 4

      Neutral features for both: step tracking, heartrate tracking, distance tracking, waterproof, OLED screen (same size), Activities outdoor and indoor, sleep tracking, music remote control, customisable bands.

      • +1 vote

        I bought the mi band for partner and this for myself and have to say this one has the edge over mi band 4, as you said the SpO2 and sleep monitor are perfect in terms of battery 135 mah vs 100 mah however when you set mi band on real time heart rate battery drains quickly whereas honor 5 has a smart heart monitor function which improves the battery life. Still mi band slightly better for battery life but just.
        Build quality is very similar. Charging is easier on honor due to no requirement for removing it from the band.
        More faces on mi band.
        Apps are very similar again, heart rate data better on mi band but the tru sleep of huawei is great.


        Nailed it.

        I've had both and I sold Mi Band 4 cos it absolutely fudged the results when tracking my pool swimming workouts. Which Honor Band 4 and 5 both got correct.

        I also like having to charge the band by an easier mechanism than the Mi Band. Also music control is enabled in latest firmware update, so Mi Band 4 better watch the (profanity) out.


          Yeah I saw that, which is why I put it in the neutral features part of my reply, as they both offer it.

          Definitely if accuracy is your top concern go with Honor Band 5. If battery is a higher priority, go with Mi Band 4. They're the major two differences. Design choice is preferential.


        One YouTube reviewer says when he drives to work the honor band counts that as walking. Did you experience that too?

        Also, is the circle light below the screen always on or can be programmed to turn it on with the screen?


    I have one and while it was working fine with my android, it keeps disconnecting to my iPhone. I've excepted the app from battery optimisation and I've allowed it to refresh in the background.

    Anyone knows any solution?


    I've got the honour band 4, and for $50 it's been a little ripper. Can only assume the next gen band is the same.

    I also owned a mi band and prefer the Honour band. One other advantage to the Honour band is that it looks better.


    Says in the description only the Chinese version supports the oximeter? If you get the global version, does the oximeter function? Or is it dependant on a firmware update in the future? (some reviews online mention this issue, like the oximeter function maybe isn't approved in certain regions yet).


      The O2 meter was added to mine in a recent firmware update, along with music control and more faces.

      Fairly happy with it. I would like the stopwatch and timer to be faster to get to, but it works well.


    How to check if the seller's product is genuine?

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