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Kensington Pride Mango Each $1.50 @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


I just ordered myself a dozen of these bad boys! Yum.

Product Details:

When ripe these mangoes have warm gold flesh with a pink-orange blush. A ripe fresh mango should have a fragrant tropical fruity aroma a full colour and will give slightly to the touch. Mangoes should not be refrigerated until they are ripe and then can be stored in the fridge for a few days. Cut the mango from the stem end along the stone. Score the flesh of the cheek into a diamond pattern. Turn inside out. Eat the flesh straight from the cheek or cut off the cubes.

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  • Showing $2.50 for me

    • I'm in Lane Cove, NSW. Presumably different in your location I guess.

      • he be down at Vaucluse NSW

        • Or Watsons bay…

  • Tried to order one, $15 delivery kills the deal…

    • -1

      If you grow a pair it's free.

    • +5

      Woolworths is actually also a physical store we can go into in person and shop at without having to order online.

      • 😂

      • we can go into in person and shop at without having to order online.

        They are $2.90 in store when I was there this morning.

        • +1

          then you need to live somewhere else …

  • $2.90

  • +1

    $3.50 for me, think I’m getting ripped off

  • Show $1.50 for me. Minimum $30 spend for pick up.

    • When you get to checkout then the price will increase

      • +3

        Due to the aussie dollar??

  • With mango trees all around, these are $2.50 in QLD!

    • Because it's too early for the QLD harvest. Kensingtons will all be out of Katherine NT. Once they lap over then they'll be down to like 3 for $5 or $10 a box.

  • +12

    Would you really trust the staff to pick them for you?

    • My experience has been pretty good. I assume they select the better stuff to avoid complaints.

  • Ordered 20 mangoes for pickup. $31 total ($1 for bag)

    • +1

      ($1 for bag)

      they come on a tray.

    • When I’ve told them I’ll bring my own bag they always just give me a free bag(s) anyway

    • +1

      You could've selected no bags and left a comment with your mangoes to leave them on the tray, I'm sure the online picker would be happy to oblige considering that it is less work for them.

  • -2

    Mango should only be sold online - i can't stand people pressing and smelling mangoes in the supermarket - pretty gross if you ask me

    • +6

      These will mainly be packed from those same supermarket shelves.

    • +1

      Why are you so concerned; I mean do you eat the peel?

    • +1

      Guilty as charged. I only press and smell for 10 months of the year.

    • +5

      Why would smelling a mango be gross? If they took a bite & put it back sure.

      Anyway that’s the only way to tell how ripe they are, lightly feel how firm they are and and give them a sniff. You don’t want them all ripening at the same time.

    • Pressing and smelling mangoes is usually a nice experience.

  • I try to return plastic bag and get a box hehe

  • it's on their catalogue special from Wednesday, i'm in NSW.

  • Got some from Eastgardens, NSW

  • 2.9 in perth

  • Thank you

  • Cut the mango from the stem end along the stone. Score the flesh of the cheek into a diamond pattern. Turn inside out. Eat the flesh straight from the cheek or cut off the cubes.

    LOL - such detailed instructions for eating a mango. Just take one and bite it off, chew until the juices are sucked in and spit out the skin. Or eat the skin as well if it's not too bitter or you don't mind.

    • I once watched an Indian guy on the side of a street rolling a mango in his hand. He kept squeezing it and rotating it. Squeeze squeeze squeeze.
      It got to the point where you could see it was liquid inside and he was manoeuvring the seed around what was essentially a mango skin bag of juice. Then he pinched the top of it open, and drank it like a drink.

      I was disgusted at first (the whole mango manipulation looked weird and took a few minutes) … but then I thought how brilliant it was.

      Has anyone actually done that before? This was about 15 years ago, and I haven’t ever tried it myself.

      • I haven't tried that, but I just bite the flesh off the thing and start eating it. Juice dripping down my elbows and all because I cannot wait to eat the mango. And I'm not wasting a layer of flesh that cannot be scrapped clean off with a knife.

      • This is super common in India (born there). It does look odd at first, but one of the best non-messy ways. Even better if they've been refrigerated to below 4 deg. centigrade. Mmmmmmmmm instant sweet pulpy mango juice.

  • +1

    No stock in ACT

    • you need to get in contact with the manager; they're hidden

  • +1

    Mango comes from Qld but still they are cheaper in NSW then QLD….why???? 😣

    • Probably older mangoes since they have to travel.

      • Lol…but I lived in Sydney and Brisbane and still don't understand why Sydney gets better deal then Brisbane 🤨

    • Same as the beers… International beers are cheaper than Aussie beers!

  • +2

    $1 each at Coles in Devonport (TAS). Woohoo!

  • buying online means you cant see the physical fruit , taking risk getting unripe damaged ones?

    • yep, i like to pick myself, got some at a fruit shop for $1.50 yesterday.

    • A good amount of perfectly fine fruit and vegetables are wasted before it ever lands on a supermarket store. The picker isn’t going to try and get rid of unsellable stock on you: they want you to enjoy your purchase.

  • -1

    Guys, anybody knows a place where they sell Asian Queen Mango in Sydney?

  • $2.90 in Brisbane

  • Been getting a tray of mangoes (9 in it) for a couple of weeks now at my local fruit & vege shop for $10. Yumm!

    • I love mangoes and watermelons.

  • Any Straight-pride mangoes?

  • +1

    where does the man go? The man goes to buy some mangoes

    • What do you call a Scottish girl with a fake tan in an Indian restaurant? A mango lassie

    • -1

      The man goes to find the real mangoes not the supermarket ones

  • $3.50 in Joondalup (Currambine, WA)

    • Showing $1.5 online for Joondalup for me.

      • My mistake, probably should have made it Currambine (Joondalup, WA)

  • $1.5 in SA. Going to get some today!

  • just got a dozen for pick-up in Crows Nest, Sydney. Thanks OP!

  • -1

    $6 for a tub of Weis mango sorbert tastes the same. Uses the same mangoes and more convenient too!

    • Yes you are right and it comes with extra numbers too!

      Weis Sorbet Mango Ingredients
      Mango (42%), Water, Sugar, Glucose Syrup (From Maize Or Tapioca), Vegetable Gums (412, 415), Food Acid (330), Natural Colour (160A).

      • It's sorbet! Not a fruit, but tastes primarily of Australian Mangoes.
        So needs other simple substances to remain as a sorbet…

        Vegetable Gums (412, 415): Guar gum - thickener derived from seeds & Xanthan gum produced from simple sugars to stop separation.

        Food Acid (330): citric acid found in citrus fruit - a preservative
        Natural Colour (160A): carotenes derived from carrots

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