Best Value Electricity Plan in NSW

Hi wise OzBargain community, I live in Sydney and am looking to change my electricity plan. Currently with Click energy but was wondering if there is a better deal I should change to. Currently I do not have a smart meter as I live in a unit.

Thanks in advance for all the advice!


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    Everyone is charged a different rate.

    Talking about actual rates is discouraged but you'll see a lot of "40 OFF" with no mention of rates.

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    The cheapest electricity plan will depend on your usage patterns and requirements. The best thing to do would be to compare them at Energy Made Easy, which is a website maintained by the government.

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    Yeah this is not just comparing which is the cheapest iPhone 11.
    It's very complicated. Just like finding a husband. each one different.
    Member from 2013 should know better.


      Husband is easier, clean shaven and money.


      I did not know the longer I have been a member of ozbargain means I should know more about every facet of life and should know better than to ask others for recommendations for energy providers.

      Good luck in your search for a husband, happy to offer assistance if you need.
      But then again you've been a member since 2008, so I guess you should know better and not need my advice.
      Good luck to you and your future husband.


    Use the Govt's own comparison site

    Don't ask others, everyone's rates are different according to your local distributor.

  • a really good comparison site that doesn't (appear) to have any commercial bias.

    You'll get a more accurate result if you have a few bills to put in your current usage patterns.

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