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[VIC] Zomato Gold Membership Reduced from $59 to $40 for 12 Months (Buy One Get One Free Meals) (Melbourne Only)


Zomato gold membership discounted to $40, another 10% off if you have a referral code, only $36 for 12 months.

Cheapest I’ve seen this membership

Benefits include:
Buy one get one free meal
2 for 2 drinks.
Can use at each venue multiple times, limited to once per day.

Referral Links

Referral: random (197)

Referrer gets 1 free month, referee gets 10% off.

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    Not available in Adelaide.

    Not that I'm really disappointed.


    Has anyone got good use out of this membership?

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      I've made my membership money back just from the bar 'batronica' in the Melbourne cbd. Two schooners and two glasses of wine is ~$15.50 with Zomato gold.

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      I've had the membership since day one and I've also made my money back after 2 visits. Drinks are definitely the easiest way to recoup your money. If I were to compare it to the Entertainment book (which I've also got), it's a lot more of a struggle to get my membership money back as there's A LOT less variety (in my opinion anyway - cuisine wise and price range) and most venues are 25% off as opposed to BOGOF.

      The only tip I have is to make sure you ask the venue what's excluded as part of Zomato Gold and you'll be good to go. Generally speaking, degustations or meal combos are usually out.

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        Yes Entertainment Book is so much better in my view

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          Sorry for the confusion, I meant that Zomato Gold is better as there's a lot more variety with what you get. For example, I've found that Asian food in particular is quite scarce in the Entertainment Book and most of the time, I can never satisfy my korean fried chicken or dumplings cravings :(


      I am always after Asian food and in my opinion Zomato gold has pretty wide variety of choices

      Some good places that I have eaten countless time since I signed up
      1. Hakata Gensuke in Hawthorn - BOGOF ramen (best value in my opinion)
      2. Aunty Franklee in CBD
      3. Wagyu Fun in CBD
      4. Seven Star Pocha in CBD
      5. Mr Zhang Hotpot in Burwood

      Some restaurant's offering are just crap that you need to avoid at all cost. But all in all I believe at $36 for 12 months (after referral discount), you pretty much make your money back with 2 visits.


        Question, if you bought 2 mains and a kids meal are they going to give the cheapest meal (i.e. kids) as the free one? Or is it mains?


          Hello, the free items will be the 2nd most expensive and the 4th most expensive item that you ordered. Not the cheapest 2.

          In your example, if you order 2 main 1 kids meal, the cheaper main dish will be free

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    Zomato ratings/reviews are useless. Since they've removed their ranking system (urbanspoon days), I've switched over to Tripadvisor for a better reference point.


    So this membership gets you 2 for 1 at all the establishments or just selected from their list? Can't seem to see much on their site.


    How do we know which restaurants or venue we can use it for?


      They would usually show the zomato gold logo, or just open it in the app and click on the zomato gold tab. Think you can access the list of restaurant better there.


    Is this available in Sydney?

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    Zomato Gold is currently not available in Sydney


    It is so worth getting, especially at this price. We’ve already made our money back after about 2 visits. The list of restaurants that offer Zomato Gold are pretty extensive. You can check the list first in the app before you buy. A few restaurants we’ve been interested to go but just thought they’re a bit exp, but with Zomato Gold B1F1, they’re really good value. At the moment, most restaurants don’t have restrictions on when you can use it (including weekends and peak times). Use the referral code to buy so the buyer and referrer both get bonuses.

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      They used to have really good deals and then lots of the restaurant changed their option to drinks option. I guess they are not earning much on BOGOF food. Hopefully they are able to keep the extensive choice of restaurants, am just afraid they might start pulling out.

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    Are Zomato the guys that delete restaurant goods reviews if they don't pay for advertising?

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    would appear Melboune is the only participating Australian city, probably worth including in the description to save others time

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    Is it Zomato who had the security breach and all their members details shared ?

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    Used to be unlimited usage per day, but once per restaurant per day.
    Also the old policy was "at least one person without gold member at the table", now they change it that maximum 2 redemptions per table with minimum 4 persons per table to use that 2 redemptions.

    Maybe that's why the price is reduced.

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