[Unobtainable Deal] Bonus $200 Gift Card on Telstra $50pm Casual Plan Promotion, 50GB Data Sim, No Lock in @ TGG (in-Store)

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Possible you will be charged $200 for cancelling early, read comments, ask before signing up

noticed this deal on tgg website, "telstra casual plan which on telstra website is no lock in contract, called store to confirm no lock in contract, he called telstra to confirm thats correct, so guess get in before they change the terms like JB did

Note the $600 minimum stated in the terms just means if you stay on the plan for 12months

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tgg casual plans from telstra

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    Ah shit, here we go again


    3, 2, 1….


    Another one … ? ?

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    Well, I'm still on the 4 months free from circle life…

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    Bonus will be issued once connection has be approved by Telstra. Connection confirmation
    may take up to 5 working days. The Good Guys will contact the customer once approval has
    been received and dispatch the bonus. Bonus will be received by the customer in 1-2 working

    Everyone wait a a week before disconnecting….



    So take the plan and claim gift card and cancel within one month?


      cancel within a day lol


        One month make sense. 1 day doesn't make sense. You've paid for a month, might as well use it for a month before payment for next month. Dont think they'll prorata the remainder of the month.

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    Any good plans for current telstra customer ?? I always see offers for port-in customers.

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    December reporting
    we signed up 1 million new members!

    CEO, that's awesome, profits going through the roof?

    business…. errr no well we also had 1m cancellations, and our marketing, commissions budget is through the roof

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    I got changed the GC value for early termination


    This is a data only plan for those who might be wondering.

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    called my local store and the deal is invalid for me


    To be eligible, customers must bring their mobile number to Telstra and sign up to the $50 per
    month casual plan. Minimum cost $600 over 12 months to receive a bonus $200 The Good
    Guys Gift Card. (“Bonus”).

    Does this mean you need to port in?


    There seems no detailed description or critical information summary on TGGs page?

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    iPad attached as well now

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    I successfully signed up to this at 12pm WST. Spent 2 hours in the Good Guys store. Telstra apparently issued a correction At 8am EST that this requires an iPad but the store didn’t receive anything and still had advertising up for the original $50 offer with $200 gift card.

    After 3 calls to Telstra in the store they just ended up processing a $50 casual plan without the gift card and manually gave me a gift card at the store as the port was completed within 15 min.

    To everyone trying, you probably have to be lucky but if you say that they’re still advertising the offer you should get there eventually.

    As far as Telstra are concerned, I’m signed up to a casual $50 Mobile Broadband plan and they don’t know anything about the gift card.

    Will be cancelling the plan when I have some free time later.

    To the person saying they got this added as an ARO - your store didn’t process it properly and you got screwed (I used to work in Telstra retail so I know all about Siebel and plan setups and terminations)

    Edit: For what it’s worth, 3 different GG sales people were on my side and were pissed that the Telstra person kept stating there was updated communications that they hadn’t received. They completely agreed with my line of thinking regarding the deal still being advertised.


    Went into tgg for this deal but it's been pulled off. The guy said there was something wrong with the terms. Anyways wait until next time

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