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[Refurb] Sony PlayStation 4 Dualshock Controller V2 $35.99 Delivered @ Gamers World United eBay


Was looking for a controller for occasional 2 Player gameplay. Found this one.

This is a seller refurbished item. NO RETAIL BOX, It may have been USED e.g. for demonstrations in an exhibition or photo shoot purposes.
This item might have scratches, marks or signs of usage on the body.

Charging cable and Manual is not included.

Other colors from different dealer at same price

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    thanks, got one. should come in handy for pc.

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    Red, Blue and White also available from the same seller

    PS: Other colours available, but at a higher price.

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    [Refurb] Sony PlayStation 4

    I hope they've been disinfected…


    In case they go out of stock RepoGuys
    sell them for the same price. (Black, Blue, Red, White).

    EDiT: nvm, just realized they're both the same seller operating with a different store name.


    alright deal i guess.

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    Just wondering if anyone treats their gamepads with any semblance of care… everyone I know batters the things to hell. Would I buy a refurb for about 65% of the new price? Probably not - a wired one will do for occasional play, bought new and sealed. Or what and spend 20 bucks more on a brand new sealed one.

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    Got one that is full of sweat on the controller

    1. Buy as many as possible.
    2. Hold onto them until EB Games offers a trade-in bonus on controllers again ($46 each in my case)
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

    I hate this use of the word "refurb" in tech. I mean, what are they going to do other than give the thing a wipe down at most?

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    Mine arrived today, pretty clean actually for a "refurb" (you know what supposed refurb tech items from sellers like this are like), only has a little mark on one side. Also came with a faceplate for the original PS4 for some reason, which I don't have one of lol… guess they're trying to get rid of them.


    Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago, Red one as it goes faster.

    Battery was 100% charged and worked straight away.

    Slight dent on one handle but join groove was full of black crap, one reason why I had not used as only just cleaned this morning

    Probably should have waited for a repeat on the $50 Amazon for brand new, ah well it’s only a spare…