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Baseus PD 3.0 60W 0.5M Type-C to Type-C Cables US $1.08 (~AU $1.62) Shipped @ Joybuy


Baseus cables back on sale at Joybuy, this time it's 0.5M Type-C to Type-C.

Coupon applies to 0.5M Black colour only.

NB: Make sure you are logged in and shipping address is updated/correct before adding item to cart.

Price includes GST

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      According to some Googling it doesn't seem to be.

      "Generally speaking, it is easy to distinguish these USB-C cables with E-Marker by users in daily life. The maximum charging power of cable without E-Marker chip can only reach 60W, and the maximum data transmission speed can only reach the level of USB 2.0 (480Mbps)."

      The specs on this are indeed USB 2.0 & 20V/3A = 60W.
      1.480 Mbps Max Data transfer,for Type-C Interface Devices USE
      2.Output Current: 20V 3A Max

      Here's the site I was looking at:

      Makes sense, it wouldn't be this cheap if they had to include the chip.

  • Invalid coupon code. Also the PayPal button is not working for me.

    • Got it working on mobile, cheers.

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    I have one of these. Fantastic cable and build quality

  • 0.5m a bit too short?

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      Not for power bank usage.

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        fair enough

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          I prefer 30cm to be honest to be carrying everyday.

          For phone is prob ok, 60MB/s 60watt.

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        Yup, perfect for a powerbank. Anyone know some good deals for one? I have Adata 10kmah one, but I think I need another one.

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      might be that short because it needs to achieve 60W so shorter cable = less resistance. Of course thicker wire and shielding can mitigate that but costs more.

    • I need even shorter length for for car charging.

  • Got it, thank you.

    • Hey, how did you get the coupon to work? Its invalid on my end

  • Can someone please let me know what the average delivery time it arrives to your door? I've never purchase from joybuy

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      I think 2-4 weeks.

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    Decent price on the 2m cable as well: $3.59 usd

    • I thought I’d try my luck, but unfortunately code doesn’t work on the 1 or 2m cables. Any chance of a code for the longer cables @adr8?

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    I would rather have faster than 480Mbps.

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      Buy a more expensive cable then

  • The code only seems to get that price if buying one cable. $1.62 for one or $4.48 for two. Shrug. I ordered one.

    • You can do separate multiple orders for the discounted unit one each time.

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        I thought it should but I kept getting an error on the second try to add to cart before it disappeared. The iPhone website is fiddly but will try again today.

        Edit: too late oh well

        • Keep your eye on here. This cable seems to be on sale often. I have a few of various lengths and really

          happy with them for the price. At these prices easy to give to someone who needs one for emergencies etc.

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    Coupon only applies to one cable per order, but coupon works multiple times on separate orders.

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    Coupon doesnt work? Doesnt seem to apply after following the steps

    • Same here

  • Code not working unfortunately

  • Benson approved?

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