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[VIC] Cadbury Bulk Chocolate Clearance (Toblerones 4KG $25, Eclairs 3KG $15, Favourites 540G $4) @ Ringwood Cadbury Site


Cadbury Ringwood factory opens to the public today till 3pm for the stock clearance.
(Usually only to essential service members and charities)

Item Price
540g Favourites Each Party Pack / Original $4.00
540g Favorites (Case of 9) Party Pack / Original $32.00
Cadbury Eclairs (3kg Bag) $15.00
Oreo Choc Pieces (3kg Bag) $15.00
180g Freddo Face Cakes (Box of 8) $8.00
8g Toblerones (4kg Box) $25.00

Best Before Nov 2019 - Feb 2020

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    Can any one please report back whether there is much stuff left. Thanks

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    Damn, I went 2 weeks ago for the same sale and paid $40 for the box of 9.


    Yikes, best before is next week?
    Might be nice to go there just to see the place. I'm thinking Willy Wonka's factory type of deal.

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      You park in the visitors car park on the left and go through some security gates and then it's just a basic store with 3 aisles. You don't get to see any of the chocolate making areas.


      Perfect for Halloween, expiry date doesn't matter in that case.

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      The chocolate isn't suddenly inedible next week. I wouldn't worry too much unless it's a gift.


      They have an employee store - so they always have stuff for sale. I used to work nearby, and some colleagues knew someone who worked there. There's nothing wrong with any of it, it's just oversupply from their runs.

      Haven't been since last year but it was $5 for a 5kg box of your standard chocolate bars (stuff like picnics, crunchies, boosts, that sort of thing). They were not in their wrappers, and just loose in a box.

      Your normal 200g chocolate blocks were $2 ea (these were in their retail wrappers)


    Wonder if any chance of them opening again? Would of loved to go but unable due to distance.

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    My company does work at Cadbury as a contractor, you get sick of chocolate pretty quick.

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    Slight correction OP, subject has Toblerone 4kg for $8 instead of $25.. got me really excited there!!


    Toblerones 4KG $8

    Or $25??

    8g Toblerones (4kg Box) $25.00

    I don't know whether I should be excited or not!?


    Where do they publish this? How do you know when they have this sale again?


    Haha good old Mondelez. We go here often to collect items. 10kg boxes of Picnics etc.

    These boxes have 1 year expiry and are sent from Tasmania just for us along with anything else we want such as Flakes and Twirls. Boxes are $15. Generally it's packets which failed to seal on the production line.

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    I can get into the Cadbury factory as a volunteer parent on the parents committee for school.

    I applied as a charity, my school signed off and I can purchase things for fundraising events at school. ;-) and myself whenever I like.

    So all you need to do is be involved in your children's schooling attend regular meetings help out at Events become a trustworthy member of the parents committee and you also could get a cadburys card.lol

    They are good prices at the sale though but there is even better deals inside the store

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