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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Strawberry 2.27 Kilograms - $46.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ships from and sold by Amazon AU, Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Also available in Mocha Cappuccino for same price ($46.95) - Ships from and sold by Amazon AU, Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.

Edit: Price on Strawberry has gone up, Mocha Cappuccino is still available at the cheaper price.

Edit: Both sold out

I personally used the McDonalds Monopoly voucher to get it cheaper. Bringing two to 46.95 * 2 = $93.90 - $20.00 = $73.90

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Thank you ordered a mocha cappuccino.

    Can recommend this flavor (although not as good as Double Rich Chocolate) - nice chocolate flavor with a coffee aftertaste.

    • Very nice

    • Thanks for that, I was wondering how it was since I ordered this instead of the strawberry.

  • I bought a bit last time but just sitting in a cupboard unopened.

    How do you ease in to taking this stuff?

    I mean you cant start going 100% meal replacement straight away,right.
    So can you just start taking one drink a day and slowly build up until replacing major meals?

    • +2

      Are you supposed to use this as a meal replacement? I thought it's just an easy source of protein.

      • +5

        Damn, i should read label before buying 6kg worth!

        • No it doesn't have the required minerals or vitamins for a meal replacement

          however (I DO NOT ADVISE THIS) you could just find an electrolyte powder + multi vitamin with essential minerals and take that with the shake

          Mind you these won't provide you satiety.

        • You can use it as a semi-meal replacement. If I'm feeling really hungry but don't want to pig out a protein shake is quite filling.

          Just don't replace all your meals or you'll be missing essential vitamins, minerals and other stuff your body needs to function!

        • Hey, what state are you from? I could possibly help offload some of it if you don’t want so much? 😏

      • Either or.

      • +2

        It is absolutely not a meal replacement, you were right in that it's just another (quick and easy) source of protein, particularly to assist you if you can't meet your protein intake from whole foods.

      • I take this for morning tea and afternoon tea. I bought 5lb yesterday, bugger! Also I forgot I had a Amazon $20.

    • if you are looking for meal replacement shake..try Dymatize ISO 100. friend who has very good knowledge(i know it is subjective) on diet plans suggested this..

    • Add it to your cereal is the easiest way, my kids have a 1/4 scoop of WPC with their brekkie in the morning, saves buying cocoa pops!

  • Great deal mate, cheers!

  • does anyone know if the mocha cappuccino still tastes good with just water? tia!

  • +1

    Just placed the order before Strawberry gone back to $94.95.

  • Great price! Ordered 2x mocha cappuccino, works out cheaper than all the previous 4.55kg deals (usually over $100).


    • Bought the same x 2 as well and price when up to $89 something. Is it now OOS?

  • +1

    Thanks op.

  • Ordered one of the Mocha Cappuccino, nice deal. Cheers OP.

  • No more available for that price. Once selected seller changes from Amazon to other. And price increases as well

  • Deal over

    • +10

      Awww, no whey!

  • Any one know where they source their protein? Is it from grass-fed hormone free cows?

  • Mocha now 89 when adding to cart

  • Snagged one before they changed the price, thanks OP!

  • Protein sorted

  • I wonder if anyone has tried their rocky road flavour. It’s my personal favourite and I haven’t come across anyone who has tried it or said it was good.

    • Im on rocky road right now, honestly i hate it. I first tried having it with milk and it had a really strong sweet after taste. Second time round i mixed with water, tasted better than with milk. From then on, ive been mixing with half milk and half water which makes it bearable. Personal preference though, ive still got a bucket of cookies and cream, keen to try that one out!

      • Haha, thought so. But I had always taken Rocky Road with milk and never with water. I have tried C&C from BSN syntha and really liked it (loads of excess calories though). Never tried it from ON.

  • +2

    Aminoz has 2,2kg of rivalus isolate whey protein pwoder for $49.95 atm in 6 flavours

    • Says $100 for me

      • use code RIVALWHEY as per homepage

    • Thanks mate, ended up buying one.

      For those who don't know, Rivalus is owned by the guys that originally owned Optimum Nutrition.

      • I actually didnt know that, but decent price for sure with free delivery :)

  • +1

    Missed out

  • Could also have saved another 10% with subscribe and save—cancel the subscription as soon as you get the item.

    • Don't think it was available as back order.

      • Oh true

  • if its any consolation to those who missed out, this flavour is disgusting!

    • Each to their own.
      It sucks to miss out, I know the feeling

  • -3

    I don't do protein powders anymore. They do nothing that just eating heaps of food doesn't do, and as someone who loves eating I would rather eat than have a milkshake.

    Not hating, but to me it's basically snake oil.

    • +4

      So how is it 'snake oil' if eating protein is the same as eating food? Protein IS food?

  • Price isn't as good, but the strawberry flavour is back in stock for $54.95 on back order.

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