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Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch or Clear Fit Master Patch $4.50 each with Free Shipping @ Lila Beauty


Free Shipping on all Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches and Cosrx Clear Master Patches

Prices start from $4.50 each. There is a slight discount for higher quantities of these products which can be seen when selecting the drop down box that reads 'Quantity: 1 set' on the relevant product page.

We have recently removed the shipping cost associated with individual orders containing either of these items. Free shipping service will be sent via unregistered envelope which means you won't need to pay the usual $6.50 shipping associated with usual orders under $55. Simply select the Free Standard Shipping option at checkout to apply.

If you prefer to have a tracking number with your order, you can select registered standard shipping at checkout which is $3.50. Free registered standard shipping is available for purchases of more than $30 of the above products.

For those planning to purchase other items as well, please note that we still have an ongoing promotion for first purchases using the code LILA10 which will give a 10% discount off your cart.

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  • Hi OP

    What is the acne treating medicament/ active ingredient in these products?

    Any evidence this product had benefits in treating acne?

    • +2


      These are hydrocolloid patches that help to protect pimples from further infections while assisting to remove excess sebum to promote faster healing of the pimple.

      The full ingredients list of these patches can be seen on the relevant product pages under the 'Ingredients' tab. Simply click any of the above 2 links to be redirected to these product pages to view the ingredients information.

      It is quite a popular product so I am sure there will be a number of references or articles if you do a quick search :)

    • +2

      From personal experience (using them for 6 months now).

      You use them overnight to get rid of white heads (the ones with pus in them, that stand out).

      The way they work apparently/how it seems is that they 'absorb' the pus and the surface skin. The benefit of this is that they 'get rid' of the white heads overnight (the bigger the whitehead, the more effective it is), without you popping it and bleeding.

      After the pimple is gone, there will be slightly red skin where the skin is recovering (from the pimple).

      Don't wear them during the day as they do stand out.

      • +1

        The Clear Fit Master Patch ones blend in better than the Acne Pimple Master Patch ones. However, it is not totally invisible if people pay real close attention to it.

        The downside is that the Clear Fit Set only contains 18 patches compared to the usual 24 patches of the Acne Pimple Master Patch set.

    • +3

      Can confirm they are amazing. The hydrocolloid patch keeps the area as a wet "wound" which lets the skin heal faster with less scarring + they stay on during sleep and showering etc.

      I've opted for this over acne creams. Koreans really know their skin products.

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    Waiting for the Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis to come back in stock. Good deal nonetheless

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      This product should be back in approximately 2 weeks. We have also implemented a notification app which can also notify you by SMS or Facebook Messenger should you wish to be notified as soon as it becomes available :)

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    These are good. Highly recommend these, especially at this price

  • +1

    Thanks, also bought other stuff

  • +1

    doesn't look like it's a bargain though, just seems like their regular price…

    • Hi,

      This product now comes with free shipping whereas prior to this, all products had fallen into the $6.50 standard delivery/Free for $55 spend or more.

  • Thanks OP, love this product! Can I ask when does the promotion end?

    • Hi,

      It will be ongoing for the foreseeable future :)

  • May I ask what the expiry date of this batch of stock is? (If not mistaken, COSRX products have an expiry date printed on them). Thanks!

    • Hi,

      The expiry is 11.08.2022 :) (and yes they have the expiry printed on them in the YYYY.MM.DD format)

      • +1

        Awesome, thx so much!

  • does it work for cystic hormonal acne on jaw?

    • +1


      Yes they can work for cystic hormonal acne :)