How Much Is My iMac Worth?

Looking to get an idea of how much my 27" iMac is worth.

Mid 2010
i3 3.1ghz
240GB SSD replaced the DVD drive
8GB ram

or should I just keep it for my 2yo son to use? rated it at $277..


  • Keep it for your kid.

    It's 9 years old and whilst still very capable will soon become very long in the tooth or worse, fail.

    I find it unlikely, except those with no clue, that anyone would pay $250-$300 for it.

    In the unlikely event that someone will buy it, I'd expect ~$150.

    Good luck!

  • I find the best way to check the value is by looking at completed, sold items on eBay for the same or very similar model.

  • It can't run the latest operating systems so that impact it's value, I'd say somewhere around $200.

    • wow, that low

    • It is worth more to you than to anyone else most likely.

      I'm in much the same situation with my late 2011 MacBook Pro, but it does everything that I need, for now. And I have a later model Mac Mini, which can run the latest OS and therefore the latest applications. However, it cannot run some other software because they were not upgraded to 64 bit.

      For me, I'm keeping both machines. The majority of software that I need runs on both. And on the rare occasions that I need to run something specific, I have the option.