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SVS PB 2000 Subwoofer $1429 Delivered @ The Audio Tailor


One of the most recommended subwoofer for the quality and value at this price point. Lots of good reviews online.
Just keep in mind it is huge and heavy.
RRP $1750 down to $1429. Free shipping.

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The Audio Tailor

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    The owner of this store is top notch.

    Genuinely likes what he does, and offers fantastic service.

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      I second this, great guys. Been getting gear off them since 2005 (Aussie Hifi days) when I bought my Pure Acoustics QX900 5.1 - best value speaker set I ever owned. After more than 10 years I gifted them to someone else and they're still going strong today 😁

      • Yep, I had some Pure Acoustics. XTI series and they were great speakers,still using the centre now! Best $134 bucks I ever spent.
        Also Have this sub, and it's a beast!!

  • Great deal if you are willing to spend this kind of money on a sub.

  • Anyone know if there is any shop (sells svs) that has cashback?

  • Any deal on SB2000 pls? Need a second one

  • Excellent sub for a great price. I'm on my third SVS sub (have a SB16 Ultra currently), they've all preformed great and have been bullet proof. It's a bit of a spend but you'll never regret getting a good sub, just make sure you have the space as these ported subs are not small.

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      Curious, what happened to your precious two SVS sub?

      • Destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom as Gollum and Frodo fought over them. My Precious…

      • Been upgrading to newer and better stuff over the years, hifi equipment is a bit of slippery slope.

  • What a great sub, definitely worth the investment..

  • they should have paired it with some decent amp on promo

    • oh it is an active one, my bad

  • I just setup my home theater with 2 x PB4000 subs last month. And the Bass is just outstanding, shakes your body and couch.

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    Sorry can I hijack this discussion to ask a question? Being this is OzBargain I can't afford something in the price range of the OP. I'm looking at more $200-300 range. In the US, Monoprice 109723 and Polk PSW505 are very highly recommended. Is there anything even remotely close to this here in Australia?

      • Thanks. Still slightly more expensive than importing one of the above through eBay. Would be nice to have a local warranty but I'd probably still take a punt on the import given there's almost no information about this model online (no reviews, etc. whereas the others are very highly rated and extensively reviewed).

        • Go into a store and listen, reviews aren't everything.

  • anydeal on the pb16 ultra?

  • Anybody know how much I could sell my klipsch KSW12 subwoofer for as I think it's time to upgrade. I'm going to list it on gumtree and Facebook marketplace.

    • I have a friend that wants this, will you take $50 and deliver it to him? Paypal when you arrive.

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