Subway Donates ONLY 50 cents on Each Purchased Sub in Australia on World Sandwich Day. How Stingy!

How the mighty have fallen!

Just got this in email:

On 1 November 2019 Subway® will donate $0.50 for each purchased sub in Australia to Foodbank to help feed the hungry.

A Sub costs a minimum of $5 (and only at Participating Stores, too!) and often cost much more - like $10. Yet Subway are only donating 50 cents regardless of RRP price, and only on ONE 24 hour period (1st November 2019 - "World Sandwich Day").

Subway must REALLY struggling to be lowballing such poor offers, ESPECIALLY to a charity, since they can write this off as a massive Corporate Donation on their tax!

Any charity is good (don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?) but they can certainly afford to pay much better - say $2 per sub.
(Bankruptcy, anyone???)

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    Meh, 5% up to 10% isn't bad. More than I'll be donating.

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    How much do you donate personally OP?

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    Misleading title. (Completely false in fact.)



    So theyre being cheap, and yet they can write off a massive donation on their tax?

    Which is it?

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    Let's see you pay 10% of your income to charity, bruv

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    It always amuses me when someone accuses others of not donating enough.


      It's always amusing to see people pretending tax evasion is charity.

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        When regular individuals make a > $2 donation to a certified charity, they get to claim it as a tax deduction. Should we brand them and myself included as tax evaders?

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    Benchmarking internationally, in the US, Subway donate a 10 cent meal per 2 meals purchased, capped at a max of 4,840,000 meals or $484,000 USD

    Looks like the Australian effort donate a 50 cent meal per one sub purchased, with a target of 300,000 or $1.5million AUD

    They also don’t appear to have not capped it – they got to 340,000 meals in 2017 and paid up

    I don’t like their food, but if anything learning that makes me think better of them not worse. They could do nothing. They could match what their corporate overlord is doing. But they’re doing better than that.


      37 million people face hunger in the U.S. today — including more than 11 million children and nearly 5.4 million seniors.

      Wealthiest nation on Earth. That's a country that has failed a majority of it's citizens.

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        Oh please.

        You're citing a group that thinks hardened criminals need to be housed in Shangrila, free education/training and a tenured job.

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          Well the opposite just makes them unsaveable basically condemned to a non stop negative feedback loop and we wonder why we cant rehabilitate these people and the anser is well it is because you didn't even try.

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            @AlienC: There are 7 BILLION people in the world today. We certainly have no need to save hardened criminals.


              @HighAndDry: Just saying even hamsters can run a wheel to power a light bulb there is always a use for someone like the jobs nobody else wants to take but they may need supervision but I mean America did the same thing with criminals building roads if the old timey themed movies are to be believed.

              But yeah I understand your concern we have to draw a line somewhere.


        Still makes no sense to me why governments don't try and for lack of a better term recycle and reuse these people.

        I mean if you reincorporate even 1% of that number of 37 million people back into society that is a large amount of people to be used back into a job efficiently.


          They make private profits. Why else would it cost 31,000-60,000 per prisoner per year. Australia is worst at 100k+.

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      Just want to say I appreciate the effort that went into this comment.

      It really sends a message and proves a point very well.

      I could learn a thing or two.


      Good calculations, Toni. Looks like I was wrong - they are indeed not being stingy.


      I'm not criticising about the donation.
      But remember that they are advertising this in the hope to increase their sales.


      Technically the franchisees are struggling.

      Subway, the franchisor, is hunky dory and don't give a crap about their franchisees.

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    Subway must REALLY struggling
    Their menu is terrible now… and they changed their suppliers for a heap of stuff
    i wont eat their anymore sadly.


      Yep. It's just not good value anymore. They have had their day. So many better options in an average food mall anywhere.

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        They seem to do well in areas that have no other options.

        I have always thought this but they should be aiming for areas where there are basically no competition but your local take away shop and maybe Chinese restaurant and bakery.

        It does well in my town because it is right next to my station and honestly our options here are kinda slim and when you get to late night it is either domino's, subway or the 24 hour servo.

        Most places dinner service stops at 9pm and you have to either get takeaway or chance a delivery.

        Everything usually closes at 9:30pm.

        Subway is open till 10pm most nights 11pm close to weekend.

        Domino's then takes monopoly until midnight and on weekends up till 1am.

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    That's more than they pay their workers per hour

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    People don't seem to understand that this is essentially marketing for subway (and probably the cheapest form of it by far).

    And I'd be willing to donate 5pc of my day's pay too if it meant my pay that day went up 30pc due to increased volumes.

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    A struggling franchise business. Don't expect or demand too much.

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    Will this cause as much controversy as a $12 bottle of Big Mac Sauce where 100% goes to charity? Probably not.


    I think 50cents is pretty generous it is more then most business do

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    hardcore churchgoers be like: lightweights, we give 10% of our annual income to the church and don't even comment about it

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    Go drunk home you're OP.


    I applaud subway for indicating what they are donating. Many businesses hide behind the statement 'all proceeds will be given to charity'. OK great, so after Hollywood accounting the charity will owe you $35,000?

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    Donating 5% is pretty generous.

    Op, how much are you donating this year?


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    Didn’t they do buy 1 get 1 free last year plus the donation?



    While I understand them cancelling the promotion for the sake of the franchisees, subway has (profanity) up the last few months in regard to their loyalty club, price increases and getting rid of the 8 dollar sub of the day. I used to go regularly but now basically never.

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