[XB1, XB360] Games with Gold November 2019 - Sherlock Homes, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Joy Ride Turbo & More @ Microsoft


I assume this hasn't been posted yet because of how crappy it is…but I'll take one for the team to post it for completeness! :)

WORST MONTH EVER? I can't decide between October and November…you decide!

One fan writes: "I feel like they are pushing people to gamepass with theses crappy games with gold selections. Wouldn’t surprise me at all."

This is echoed by a second user, who writes: "Games with gold has been pretty pants for a few months now, hasn’t it?"

The disappointment continues with: "GamesWithGold titles announced for November, another disappointing month. Only reason to keep gold is to be able to play those few decent titles that were #gwg a while back."

"Another poor month for Games With Gold, thank god for Game Pass."

Some subscribers were able to look on the bright side, however: "I hoping for mass effect 2 for games with gold in November with N7 day coming but I am happy with Star Wars starfighter I haven’t played that in years."


I would prefer some pretty pants, to be honest…

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    I'll give them a pass this month for the fact that I could play The Outer Worlds on day one on my PC as well as Xbox with my Game Pass.

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    Joy ride turbo is a fun one to play for the kids. Looking forward to checking out Jedi starfighter.

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    game pass should just be flat $10 pm and have no gold, would be easier

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    "Note: Doesn't seem to be available in AU, link is to US (we may get an alternative)"
    They will just add the game to the Australian store (same thing happened with Meet The Robinsons a few months back).


      Ah cool, good to know!


      Was this free before? Myabe one of those limited offers that come up time to time. Somehow I already have it but never purchased it.

      The Nov ones are up and redeemable now as well.

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    I get all this stuff for free for the next year or so after converting all my Game Pass time to Game Pass Ultimate with the $1 deal, so I'm pretty happy. There's been at least one game I've been interested in pretty much every month (Ninja Gaiden 3 last month, and Jedi Starfighter this month).

    Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter is great if you can put up with a bit of Eurojank.


      I was about to say the same thing re: Sherlock Holmes. This game and the game they made before it (SH: Crime and Punishments?) are very flawed and janky, but really entertaining and loveable.


    Can't be the worst month ever, there have been lots of dreadful deals. That said, can't complain when it's "free" and there have been some decent ones in the past.

    Same as the other poster, I've got ultimate for the next 3 years anyway.. does that $1 trick still work for those that haven't taken advantage of it? The thread is marked expired but I do see that people have gotten it to work after it was marked expired.


    If you claim the final station using the us link you can then push it to install on your xbox even though it doesn't appear in aus store

    Edit: it's not very good

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