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Sonos One, Gen 2 Smart Speaker $254 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just found there is a decent discount on Sonos on Amazon AU.
White and Black both available.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Great speaker. Highly recommended

  • if only it was compatible with the google home setup

  • This is cheaper if you’re buying two or order over $500 as there is free shipping. https://klappav.com.au/collections/sonos/products/sonos-one-... as per here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493235

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    Not a particularly good price. I got two during the last big sale on Amazon for $438.


    Be warned for those who are looking to use this as a Google Assistant smart speaker, it currently does not support voice recognition for households with multiple accounts. Which can be very frustrating. Been complained about extensively on the Sonos forums and no update as to when this will be available. If I had to do this again, I wouldnt have purchased this speaker.


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      Woah just read this. Was about to get this speaker and super glad i didn't now. We have 4 Google accounts in the house registered to Google Home.

      • Unfortunately I bought mine and only found out after the fact. Used the Sonos app to log into my Google account, everything went well at first and then my wife tried logging in and it wiped all my account details. A quick trip to the Sonos forums confirmed the problem….

        I am thinking about selling all my Sonos Ones and getting the LG WK7 instead. The WK7 runs Google Assistant natively, so it is setup and controlled in exactly the same fashion you would as any other Google speaker. Apparently the sound quality is pretty good too, was designed by Meridian Audio.

        • Apparently the WK7 is the next one I looked at! How's the sound? I gotta read up on review. It's $189 which isn't cheap at all for a not well recognized speaker.

          • @Penpinch: Havent got one yet, so got nothing to compare to, I have been hoping someone has tried to both to answer that same question for myself. $189 is definitely not cheap though its definitely cheaper than a Sonos One. Even second hand, they usually sell for around $200.

          • @Penpinch: Just to let you know, I pulled the trigger and purchased one of the WK7s. Will do a side by side comparison. Once it arrives.

            The two things I am most interested in is latency on Google voice requests and the general sound quality. I am not expecting the sound to be as good as the Sonos One, but as long as its on par, I think I will be happy.

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            @Penpinch: Got the WK7 and tested it next to the Sonos One. First major difference is the sound level. The Sonos is definitely louder at maximum volume. The WK7 at max volume is probably closer to 2/3 volume on the Sonos. I was playing songs from Spotify, casting to each device. But even at max volume, the Wk7 sound quality was really good, it did not distort, while the Sonos was starting to get quite harsh at higher volumes.

            The Sonos has tighter bass and clearer mids. The vocals and highs were comparable. I felt the WK7 is a just bit muddy in the lower frequencies, but overall its a solid speaker with really good quality sound. From all the reviews, the Sonos is touted as the gold standard when it comes to sound quality, so the fact the LG can at least come close makes it a worthy contender.

            Putting the LG into a stereo pair would easily make up for its lack of power and would fill a larger room with great sound.

            The big pro for the LG is that its smart capabilities are light years ahead of the Sonos. Everything from support for Google Cast to Vocal matching. It has all the functionality of a regular Google branded speaker.

  • Hmm, wonder would it drop to $199 for buying 2.

  • Already have two of these and a woofer. Been thinking of getting another vs the play 5. Two of these can get a play 5 but I can't get myself to decide. Then again been tracking Amazon and this price of $254 is nothing special. They've done it a few times this year now.

  • I have a few Sonos 1 play and One models and last week I grabbed the $150 one from Ikea. I would say its as good as the Ones no problem.

    Sure you miss out on 360 degree sounds but most people stick these against walls etc..

    At $150 you can get 2 and run them in stereo. Everything you can do on the One you can do on the Ikea ones through the Sonos app


    • Hey that's good to hear about your reviews from Ikea Sonos

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