7 Eleven Liverpool Complaint

So I filled up 98 unleaded tonight. Went inside to pay and tried scanning the voucher. The guy tells me that there is an "internal server error".

I asked him can I try paying through the app with the money loaded into the account. Payment went through no problem but voucher was not applied.

Could not believe the ridiculous excuse, how can the payment through the app go through fine but the voucher gave an internal server error?

Sounds to me like a poor excuse for denying a fuel discount especially the fact that I had filled up already and basically at this particular petrol station because of the voucher. Not to mention the Liverpool 7 eleven never ever had any stock on free items in the app.

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    Open the 7-Eleven app, hit settings then hit missed discount. Scan your receipt and 7-Eleven will do the rest.

    • Giving this a shot, hopefully I'll get the credit.

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        I received a refund credit in the app. Good outcome.

  • Contact 7 Eleven and they will sort you out.

  • You can go to Settings > Missed Discount and upload the receipt. They will most likely give you the discount.

    Tried to claim free coffee a couple nights ago, told me system wasn't working without even bothering to try it and asked me for $1. Told him I didn't want the coffee anymore and he told me I could just take it.

  • Same thing happened to me in Heidelberg, Vic. Used the option in the app, let's see when they reimburse.

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    Do it in the app, or just use it next time you fill up. The 7-eleven guy is probably being paid $7 per hour to stand there. What reason does he have to reject your voucher anyway?

    • As OP said, they hide freebies.
      Check any 7 Eleven freebie thread, they make up excuses and hide stock of free items for the app.
      For instance when it's a drink you can often see if they have a box of them in the fridge behind the shelf, but they will say it's not suitable for consumption or they try to convince you the product doesn't match the voucher when it does. It's always something with the free items so some distrust isn't too unexpected in my opinion.

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    The bloke could be right though. A few months ago I had the same issue, the bloke said you don't believe me? I replied, no sorry I don't then he flipped the POS' monitor around and it did say internal server error or something to that effect. Even tried a second POS, same outcome.

  • Just claim it in the app
    I've done it before and had the money added to my 7 11 balance only a few hours later. Or just come to ozbargain and complain :/

    Only time I haven't is because I had locked in not long before getting fuel, at a 7 11 that may have been a couple of thousand KMs away and didn't feel like bringing my account activity to anyone's attention. On that one, I just forgot about it. With the amount I've saved via the 7 11 app, missing a discount once or twice really isn't worth stressing over.

    • But you should stress over the amount of fraud you’ve committed

      • how do you know I dont

  • Hey this happened for me too.
    He wasn't making it up for you, OP.
    I was a little worried for a moment, but the dude said right away it wasn't my fault.
    We tried again a couple of times and it worked. I managed to use the $1.26 U98 for a full tank of fuel before the voucher expired.

    What I did was just stand there patiently instead of making any accusations.
    The guy had no choice but to fix the issue. I only had enough money in the app for the lower price anyway.
    It didn't take long and they thanked me. Saved $17 on the one top up.

  • What was the bowser number?

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    poor excuse for denying a fuel discount

    The store still gets paid the same. They don't care if you use it or not.

  • It's amazing how quickly those freebies are Sold Out at the stations I try.

    I had a win over one of them anyway with my $20.00 petrol saving. He wasn't impressed 😂

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